2 Best Cheap Video Cameras Digital Camcorder Vlogging.

On this topic, I am going to be helping you with the review on 2 Best Cheap Video Cameras Digital Camcorder Vlogging.  Are you looking for great video cameras camcorders to get the best out of your YouTube videos and pictures, are you looking for video cameras that will give you great value for money.

High-quality video cameras camcorders with the most advanced technology second to none?

Plus these are money can buy video cameras with great features, that will give high-quality video and image-making, background noise cancellation, webcam, remote control, touchscreen and so much.

On this review, you will know more about these cameras and if you ever have

any questions please feel free to leave them at the bottom. 

Aasonida video camera camcorder

The video camera camcorder for youtube, Aasonida digital vlogging camera FHD 1080P 30FPS 24MP 16X Digital Zoom 3. 0 inches 270° rotation screen video recorder with microphone, remote control, 2 batteries.

IMAGE Aasonida video camera camcorder
IMAGE Aasonida video camera camcorder

what is the Aasonida video camera is for?

This is multi-functional video camera of the high-quality microphone is also included, it eliminates noise,  and helps to improve the stability of audio.

   It was made with 3 inches 270-degree rotation screen with an anti-shake self-timer, smile capture, you can detect your beautiful face on it.

comes with a webcam, plus it has an auto power-off feature and waits.. it doesn’t end there! ..  it has more great features like pause function, face

detects, USB 2. 0 for using it with your TV, you get all these and many more features that come s with this well-designed video camera You will get clear and accurate audio out of it.


what can you use a video camera from Aasonida for?

There are so many things that you can use it for the Aasonida video camera is a great one.

For example, you can use it to record youtube videos, it has a great webcam that will help you produce a perfect and high-quality video for your youtube stream.

You can also use it for more social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, tweeter TikTok and so much more.

 Excellent camera that is also perfect for normal video daily use, so it is good for both professional and normal use.

Check out this video here that shows more about this video camera

what are the connections that you can make with the Aasonida video camera? 

 Connections to make?  here are some of them, you can easily connect it using the HDMI cable to your TV so that you can watch your videos in HD

definition, and you can also use the USB cable to edit, upload or download your videos and images and share them from your computer.

what are the specifications of the Aasonida video camera?

Here are the great features that you get when you go for this most advanced technology video camera:

  • Brand: Aasonida 
  • Item weight: 1.55 pounds 
  • Image resolution : 24M ( 5600 x 4200 ), 20M ( 5200 x 3900 ) 16m ( 4608 x 3456) , 12M (4000 x 3000) 10M (3648 x 2736), 7M wide (3648 x 20248 HD) 5M (2592 x 1944) 3M ( 2048 x 1536) 2M wide ( 1920 x 1080 HD), VGA (640 x 480 )
  • Video resolution : FHD 1920 x 1080 (30fps) , QVGA 320 x 240 (30fps)
  • Display screen : 3.0 inch TFT LDC (16 : 9 ) , 270° rotation
  • Memory card : external SD/ MMC card (4GB to 32 GB not inclueded)
  • Digital zoom: 16 x ( no optical zoom, no autofocus )
  • Operation n models: take photos/ record videos and playback
  • Power supply: reachable lithium battery 3. 7 ( model: NP- FV5 )
  • Face detect : on / of
  • Smile capture: on/ off
  • Anti-shake: On / of
  • Self timer: off / 2S / 5S/ 10S.
  • LED fill light : on / OFF
  • USB port : mini USB 2.0
  • TV output: NTSC or PAL
  • Auto power off : off / 1 Mins / 3 Mins / 5 Mins
  • Date stamp: off / date / Date and time
  • Exposure : -3.0EV ~ 3. 0EV
  • ISO: auto, ISO 100 ISO 200 ISO 400
  • Multi-language support: yes
  • white balance : Auto / daylight / cloudy / fluorescent / tungsten
  • operating system: Windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 mac 10 . 2
  • Dimensions package : 7 x 5 x 8 x 4 . 1 inches 

what is the advantage you get using an Aasonida video camera

30 days money back is included with the warranty for 12 months. It is very easy and portable enough for you to carry along wherever you are.

With an advanced sensor technology designed to give high value to your videos. 


 This video camera gives you the newest upgraded chips with something like 1080P/ 30fps on your video plus you also get 24MP on your photos, you get a steady and stable video and photo without any hassles. 

Record your video and capture your images from a far angle with the power of advanced digital zoom.

It also comes with a remote control that will allow you to take pictures and record videos remotely. 

Ansonida video camera is a multi-function which includes a microphone, also come with  3 inches and a  270-degree rotational screen.

Plus the face detection, smile capture, self-timer, webcam, pause function, auto power-off, USB 2.0, TV output, anti-shake,  build infill light, beauty face and so much more features you get.

A quality camera that can be used for youtube videos,  Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, and the rest of the socials platforms, can also be used as a normal camera for daily use. 

It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries. What makes me love this camera is that I can still use it to record even while is on a charge.

It supports pause and starts functionality you can pause and start recording again whenever you want.

It supports standard tripod and external led fill light and self-timer for a selfie 

what is included in the package 

Here is what you get when the order for this product, you get : 

  • 1 FHD camcorder
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 External microphone 
  • 2 rechargeable batteries 
  • 1 charging adapter
  • 1 USB cable 
  • 1 HDMI cable 
  • 1 storage bag  
  • 1 user manual 

LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera

 The LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera with microphone vlogging camera youtube camera recorder ultra HD 30MP 3.0 IPS touch screen with lens hood and 2 batteries.


IMAGE OF LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera
IMAGE OF LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera


What LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera is all about

 This is an upgraded version 4K ultra DH and 30MP great camcorder, with great design power with 4K 24 FPS video resolution.

vlog camera with an HDMI cable to connect directly to the TV,  you can play the video back on your TV in high definition.

With the webcam, you can record your youtube videos and stream live on your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, skype Whatsapp, and the rest of them, with it fill light that has been built in.

You can take pictures even when the light is low.  128GB storage capacity for more space for your files.

Plus  2 powerful lithium-ion batteries are included, long-lasting batteries that last for around 60 to 60 mins when  fully charged, so you don’t have to worry

about storage space nor should you worried about power running down, you get the camera support storage of 4 GB to 128 with high acceleration.


what are the LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera characteristics 

  • Brand name: LINNSE 
  • Video Capture and resolution : UHD 4K (24FPS ), UHD 2 . 7 K ( 30FPS) FHD 1080 ( 60FPS) 
  • Connections: HDMI 
  • Lens: prime 
  • Display size : 3 inches 
  • Image format: JPEG 
  • Resolution : 30M , 24M , 20M 
  • Fixed lens : F / 26 , f = 7 . 0mm
  • Focus range : 3 . 3 ft till infinity
  • Camcorder video format: MP4 
  • Power supply: 1500mAh lithium-ion battery NP 40 
  • Weight: approx 9.70 oz

 The advantages of using LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera

 Very easy and convenient to use plus its  great features like the webcam, LED fill light, self-timer, face beauty, face detection, electronic anti-shake functionality, remote control, you can even use it while charging, a continuous

shooting, LCD screen 3.0 inch with touch screen functionality, 18X digital ZooM max, HDMI output, internal microphone, 3.0-degree rotatable touch screen, and ultra HD 4k video, 30.0 mp image.

It helps with perfect sound and eliminates background noise during recording plus it will make sure that the quality of your video is a high-quality one.

Great lightweight and very easy to carry along with yourself wherever you go. 

Large storage for more image files and videos with high-speed performance,

plus LINNSE video camera comes with 2 powerful batteries for continuous image and video recording.

with the webcam, you can record your youtube videos and stream live on your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype Whatsapp, and the rest of them.

check out this video here that shows more about this video camera


what you get in the pack when the order for LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera

Here is what you are  going to get when you buy this camera, you get :

  • 1 video camera 
  • 1 microphone 
  • 1 remote control 
  • 2 lithium battery power level of 1500 mAh 
  • 1 USB cable 
  • 1 HDMI cable 
  • 1 lens cover
  • 1 user manual 
  • 1 camera bag 
  • 1 Lens hood 

How to use the webcam in LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera

Here is how you can correctly use the webcam on this gadget, follow this guide to correct use: 

The first thing you want to do is to connect the camera and your computer with a USB cable.

Then choose the webcam function on your gadget, check your USB if the webcam is not function after you plug it into your PC.

It might be that the USB that you are using has insufficient power, so check whether the cable is receiving a sufficient amount of power to make it function properly


what can you do  

what you can do is to plug the USB cable into the USB port to your computer 

what you should take note of 

Note that when you are using the cameras as a webcam function and cannot transit sound, you will need to install a microphone on it so that you can transmit sound to the computer, and mind you,  the microphone inside the

the package can’t be used to transmit sound on the network, and when you plug the USB cable into the USB port on your computer, the cable may be too short, what you do in that case is to replace it with another cable that is long enough. 


Get the Youtube Video Cameras Camcorder Vlogging of High-Quality Digital for your videos and image the LINNSE camcorder 4K video camera and Aasonida video camera camcorder are the great most advanced with the latest technology that you can go for.  




If you ever have any question comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you’ve got more great video cameras good for youtube that you want us to know about please feel free to leave all in the comment section below thanks.


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