All it offers is nothing but great sound with no distortion.  Looking for a quality recording mixer for your professional work? if yes, then the Zoom F6 Recording Mixer is  will get the job done.

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About Zoom F6 Recording Mixer

The Zoom F6 field recording mixer for professional field recording, audio-video, 32 – bit float recording, with 14 channel recording, 6 XLR inputs, timecode, ambisonics mode, battery-powered, and iOS wireless control.

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Product overview and details

  • Brand name: Zoom
  • Manufacturer: Zoom
  • Item model number: F6
  • 32-bit float recording with dual a/D converters
  • 6 – channel 14 track field audio recorder/mixer
  • 6 discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Advanced look ahead hybrid limiters for 24-bit recording
  • Los wireless control with an F6 control app
  • High-quality mic preamps with up to 75 dB gain and less than 127 dBu EIN
  • Zoom Automix software
  • Accurate time code (0.2 ppm when on and when powered off)
  • Swithable+4db inputs with mic/ line options
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Item weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Product dimensions : 4.5 x 3.68 x 2.25 inches
  • Support software: Cubase LE, WaveLab LE
  • Date first available: May 23, 2019
  • Bestseller rank: 7,261 in musical instruments and 17 in portable studio recorders.
  • Rating BY FEATURES: Sound quality 5.0 /  Thickness 5.0 / Easy to use 4.8 / Battery life 4.6
  • Ratings GLOBALLY: 4.7 out of 5 of 66 global ratings

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Zoom F6 recording  Mixer review

Zoom F6  is a cool piece of Legendary equipment for recording and mixing, combined with professional recording features which include: 32-bit float recording capability, Dual AD converters, 6 – channel 14 track field audio recorder/mixer, Unlimited dynamic range, 6 inputs, Zoom solid time code, multiple powers, wireless control system.

Plus the Zoom F6  is built strong and capable enough to fit perfectly with various zone and angles of your professional work and ready to help make the best out of your works.

Zoom F6 Recording Mixer
Zoom F6 Recording Mixer

Captures explosive and subtle sounds

Zoom F6 has a built-in 32-bit float recorder which helps to record with dual A/D convert and capture both explosive and subtle sounds to create supreme high-quality audio without having to make any adjustment to the unit.

This is the right recorder for you if you are finding it difficult to record loud sounds or you are losing the quiet sound to the noise, don’t get frustrated with the fluctuating and dynamics.

Built Strong Useable Anywhere

Well structured designed to withstand any weather always ready for tight, tough, or any rugged place. Portable, easy to carry along, and fit perfectly in any hard-to-reach places.

Enjoy 6 Profetionanal Grade Pre-Amp

It also includes 6 professional-grade preamps, plus a super-low noise floor 127 dB EIN high quality and sublime gain up to about 75 dB with selectable mic line level for each input. Well equipped to easily location sound.

Zoom F6 Recording Mixer
Zoom F6 Recording Mixer

Generate time code at 0.2 ppm accuracy

Get the precise time code, keep your track perfectly synced.  All that is possible even when the unit power is running down. So there is nothing to worry about whether it’s one of the Zoom F6’s temperature compensate crystal oscillator TCXO to generate time.

Precision And A-to-B Decoding

The Ambisonic audio on the Zoom F6 maintains precision A-to-B decoding and balance again linking, allow you to capture spatial audio for VR, AR, and more.

So you could download the free zoom ambisonics players software to decode and edit your audio.

keep track of your tabs with headphones

You can monitor your tabs, check levels, route signals to the left or right, and set alert tones for battery recording status and pre or post-fader using the headphones to keep tabs on your tracks.

Overload protection

An Advanced look -ahead -hybrid -liters provided overload protection when recording in 24-bit by adding a 1-millisecond delay, the limiters LOOK AHEAD  and anticipate clipping before it is recorded to the F6.

Zoom F6 Recording Mixer
Zoom F6 Recording Mixer

Automatimatic adjust

Zoom Auto Mix lets you keep your eyes on the action by automatically adjusted the levels of the mix to reduce ambient sound.

Enter metadata right from your phone

The iOS wireless control on the unit control app and let you enter metadata, monitor signals, adjust levels, trigger transportation controls, etc… right from your smartphones or iPad via Bluetooth.

 Pros and Cons of the Zoom F6 Recording Mixer Review


100% good customer service guarantee so if you have any issue with the unit you can contact them back for the assistant.

  • 32-bit float recording
  • USB Type
  • Easier to adjust the level
  • compact


  • Must use the Bluetooth adapter to use iOS app

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Buyers reviews

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“Seriously impressive! I don’t usually write reviews, but when I saw that this had only 1 rating and 1 star, I had to hop on here and share my experience. first of all, kellard’s was supper quick with shipping and they area verified seller (i checked with zooms headquarters before ordering ).

second, I did a shootout between this and my Apollo Twin Dou interface $800-$900. I did a comparison between the two on my youtube channel – josh wright piano TV – if you like to check it out.

I was Blown Away at the capability of the zoom, and like the audio every bit as much as the Appollo, perhaps even better.

It’s a much more capable device from a tech perspective as well, with 6 inputs, 32_ bit float recording (which is why I purchased this in the first place, and dual A/ converters.

I originally bought a ZOOM H6 and was not impressed at all, so I opted for the F6 and am more than satisfied with this purchase and highly recommended it to anyone wanting an extremely compact setup with incredible sound quality and tech capabilities.

I am excited to use this to record my solo and orchestra performances. thanks zoom for making such an incredible product at an extremely affordable price.

James Klein

Game changer, I only just got the Zoom F6 a short time ago and so my review here is base on first impressions. the unit is shockingly small and if you are used to the standard size mixers you will almost be disappointed in how small this is.

The unit is very light as well, making it well suited for field recording or mobile recording. construction seems to be durable but the layout and compactness of this unit almost seem unnecessary.

The gain knobs are tightly packed together which is not a bad thing, just a bit tight.  the menu buttons are even smaller but not hinder operation.

The forgiving grace about the whole thing is the recorders 32bit float features which make clipping mostly a thing of the past. As a first generating unit, the zoom has taken a bold step to answer the future needs of recordists out there.

Did they hit the nail on the head? time will tell. as any recommendation as to if you should but it? consider not having to set gain or worry about clipping or low floor noise ina recorder that can be powered in three different ways and with six inputs. this init done have an out Via XLR or 1/4.

The 1/8 is functional but not sturdy. had Zoom made the body slight wider they could have staggered the knobs and allowed room in the chassis to put in better connections, like SDI time cod, line out options, and a second card slot.

Maybe on the MKii. I have had the privilege to work with all kinds of expensive and legendary equipment, this is by far the best value for the price and the 32-bit float will be magical for newbies and pros alike. gave it a four-star because there is room to improve this unit but it may very well be a legend in the making.

R Ryan

32-bit mode is brilliant, ergonomics are questionable, I am a one-man show, so having the F6 under my camera is extremely convenient. And while this has been criticized as having significant noise on the line out, I have experienced this.

The quality of the camera track is pretty darn good compared to what I got with Tascam DR -60D and the unflappable recording in the F6 is fabulous. great preamps in this thing. and when F6 isn’t on my camera rig? it’s attached to my computer as an audio interface which is very cool.

what I’m less crazy about is the location of the tripod screw hold on the bottom of the F6.

It’s a bit towards one end and isn’t on a flat place on the bottom of the F6. yeah, if I really screw down the tripod plate, it’s fine, but they really should have made it flat. they could decide whether the bottom should be tailored for attaching it to a belt or attaching it to a tripod, so it is not ideal for tripod plates.

I am also not crazy about the location of the camera attachment on the top. you have to tighten it by reaching underneath the bottom from the left and right of the camera, which is pretty awkward.

The Tascam DR60-D is awkward, too, but you are reaching from the front and back, not left and right and that’s a much better configuration.

One of the reasons I got F6 was that it is not just a filed recorder but also an audio interface on my  Mac.

it does a great job on this score, too. admittedly, the minimalist controls necessitated by this field recorder being so small, make it a little cumbersome to use as an audio

interface.E.g. after turning it on, it takes a sequence of at least 8 button taps to navigate through the menu and get into audio interface mode. And adjustable levels for the audio interface are not at all obvious. but once you have got it up and running it works great.

Is zoom F6 Recording Mixer Worth buying?

I would say yes it worth buying after my observation and those that have bought the product ars saying great which I think is very important in any product.  [CHECK IT OUT HERE FOR THE CHEAPEST PRICE OR MORE INFO ]>>>

  Zoom F6 Recording Mixer Review -conclusion

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