No doubt the Lenovo Yoga C740 gen i5 is one of the top laptops that comes with the latest features and advanced technology.

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About Lenovo Yoga C740

The Lenovo Yoga C740-14  comes with an FHD touch, Intel 10th gen i5 – 10210U powerful processor with large capacity for your various valuable files and data up   8GB – 256GB SSD storage space is expandable, easy to use with sensitive keyboard and pad, cheap laptop ideal for business, student, and normal use. 

Lenovo Yoga C740
Lenovo Yoga C740

Lenovo C74-14 product details

Brand name: Lenovo
Series: 81TC000JUS
Item model number: Lenovo Yoga C740-14ML 81TC
Hardware platform: PC
Operating system: Windows 10 home
Item weight: 3.1 pounds
Product dimensions: 12.7/ 8.4/ 0.7 inches
Processor count: 4
Computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM
Flash memory size: 256
optical drive type: BD-R
power source: Battery-powered
Battery type: 1 lithium-ion battery required (included)
Standing screen display size: 14 inches
Max screen resolution: 1920/ 1080
Memory speed 266 MHz
Graphics coprocessor: Intel UHD Graphics
Chipset brand: Intel
Card description: Integrated
Wireless type: 802.11ac
Date first available: November 5, 2019
Bestsellers rank: 906 in computer and accessories and 101 in traditional laptop computers.
Global rating: 4.6 out of 5 of 333 global ratings
Customer reviews BY FEATURES: Light weight / 4.8/ touch screen 4.5/ quality of materials 4.3 / value for money 4.0/ thickness 4.0


Lenovo Yoga C740 Review

The new Lenovo Yoga C740 is one of the optimum laptops in the market now with amazing features and the top level of best components.

The 14 full HD 10point multitouch screen, and not only that, the 1920 / 1080 resolution glide multi-color, and good clarity distinguished it from the rest of them.

IPS technology with a good processor

Enjoy the IPS technology that comes with the Yoga C740, like for example, the wider viewing angles, touch tap, glide, long-life battery, and LED backlight energy. Plus the Lenovo yoga 10th generation comes with i510210U mobile process, windows 10 home, and full HD

Very efficient and multitasking

Quadcore eight-way processing offers you optimum and high-efficiency functionality while the 8 GB memory offers to permits you to get more work done within a little period of time.

Get more RAM of high quality for more speed, run various kinds of your games, photos, edit your videos, this laptop allows you to open multiple programs and even browsers and runs them at the same time without any problem. It had about 256GB great drive to run faster.

Lenovo Yoga C740
Lenovo Yoga C740

Heating Free Fast-Startup And No noise

The SSD offers less storage space than a hard drive and not only that a flash-based SSD had no moving parts so the end result is: fast startup time, quick data access, no noise at all, and of course, reduced heat production hence low power consumed from the battery, so you don’t have to worry about power running down faster always or battery dead.

Great design with automatic Switch

The laptop is well designed and can be flip to 360 and fold very versatile and can automatically switch specific applications to full screen when changing from PC to tablet, tent, or stand position, the Lenovo versatile mode makes that possible.

Good connectivity

It connects with various wireless AC routers and faster at 3x the speed with more capacity and large coverage range than the wireless-N.

It the backward compatible with all other wifi networks and hotspots and it comes with a built-in HD webcam with a dual powerful microphone so that you can make your video at ease whether it is on skype, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Talk and chat with your friends and loved ones, more to that feature is the fingerprint reader to set up and secure your laptop from any other user from free access.



  • 100% good customer service guaranty if you have any issue with the product you just get in touch with them via their customer service any time any day.
  • The basic software package is included plus 30 days trial of the Microsoft office


  • HDMI port is not included

Check out what those that have bought the laptop are saying here:

Buyers reviews

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Sleek, light, quick so far so good! I bought my Lenovo Yoga C740 at best buy the exact same color and specs that Amazon sells here and the exact price and have been using it for about two weeks.

The machine is very competent light about 3 lbs. 14 kg thin comfortable quick. typing is easy and the key is very comfortable, the backlit keyboard has two settings and the fingerprint sensor is accurate and fast. the battery is outstanding.

It seems to last about 8-9 hours on full brightness and probably 14- 15 hours on half I read online reviews where it indeed lasted for 15 hours. the processor is good, although there are better 10th generation intel i5 models out there, the laptop is comfortable quick.

The screen is bright, the colors are accurate, and feel slightly warm. the webcam is fine 720P HD and has a privacy shutter a nice decision it is builtin and requires you to slide it with your nail or with something very thin the tiny sliding panel is located right above the webcam.

The audio is quite loud coming from a pair of Dolby Atmos speakers. the fan is quiet. it is a 2in1 type Lenovo calls, in fact, a 4in1 and table mode also works well.

The ports of the C740 are a bit unusual. it has two USB type C ports one USB type-A 3.1 port. You can charge it in any of the two USB C jacks. It lacks an HDMI port. I bought a small hub from amazon QGeem USB Hub that works well with it and has an HDMI port plus some more USB- A ports.

I can confirm that the laptop works well with a Wacom bamboo ink pen. It also works with a Lenovo active pen 1 or 2 according to Lenovo. I only tested it with the bamboo ink stylus and have had no issues.

one final word of caution: beware of McAfee LifeSafe that might come preinstalled the best buy model did. years ago, I used to test AV software as a hobby.

McAfee was always a pain to remove and would brick machines worse than other AV programs. this has not really changed over the years. on the day I bought this laptop, I almost returned it back to best buy because after setting windows 10 for the first time, McAfee got stuck with a bad update and I had to reset windows because it became unresponsive and would load but then freeze.

It was quite a fight to get it to start the resetting process because it would begin to do so and freeze again. After windows were reset and McAfee removed, there have been no issues.

To sum up it is a nice pretty stylish laptop. I would think that it is a bit overprice cheaper laptop from HP and dell come with strong intel 10th generation i5 processors but if you pair it against a MacBook and it looks as nice or even nicer than a MacBook then the price would seem good.



Great product great price reliable seller, this Lenovo yoga is great for the price I bought it because of the reputation of this brand and this seller. The laptop is reliable gives me all I need for office use and some play.

I learned that Lenovo doesn’t allow memory expansion so I am not sure I d go with this brand if I were a heavy user but it suits my needs and is fast for me, also o appreciate the seller who has a great satisfaction rating and gives a 30-day guaranty on their protect. received it in less than half the time anticipated. thanks!


Best laptop for college students, looking for a laptop for myself a freshman in college, I was so scared that I would purchase the wrong laptop. I looked and compared things for weeks on end. this was the best laptop that I could have ever bought for myself. it runs great, I find no problems with it being slow. the touch screen works great.

I love that I can fold it in using it as a tablet if I want. sometimes when I am laying in bed to watch a movie I can flip the screen back to stand it up.

the sound is also amazing on this thing! I am able to have a lot of tabs open at once for school and I have had absolutely no trouble with anything so far.

The camera quality is also fantastic for those of you stuck in Zoom classes. The battery also lasts me through at least one, if not two full days of usage. it is really nice that the charger for the computer is a US-C cable, it works perfectly with my pixel phone! if I ever need to charge anything I just switch back and forth between my computer and my phone.

Although quick thing, if there are any gamers who stumble on this computer. although, it is a very amazing computer I doubt you can run anything heavy-duty on here such as a call of duty game, CSGO, or anything that needs a lot of rams. if you love playing Minecraft though, I was able to run that very easily without any problem.

Overall it is a great computer if anything ever happens to this one I will for sure buy from this company again.

Also, extra brownie points for this company because it came in a week earlier than it was supposed to!! I was shocked to find it in the mail. Any college student looking for a nice computer for school don’t worry anymore because this your best option!


Is the Lenovo Yoga C740 worth buying

The Lenovo C740 is a great laptop for both home and office use student and business works, value for mony and for what I have seen so far I think it worth buying plus the buyer’s ratings and reviews are great which I think is very important in any product.


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