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Duchy Adjustable laptop stand

The Duchy Adjustable Stand, FYSMY ergonomic portable computer stand with heart-vent help to elevate laptop, 13 Lbs heavy-duty laptop holder compatible with MacBook, air, pro, and all laptops.

Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand Review (FYSMY)
Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand Review (FYSMY)

Product details and overviews

Brand nameDuchy
Component compatible deviceLaptop
Material usedAluminum
Item weight1.68 pounds
Package dimension1.34/ 9.57/ 2.05 inches
Bestsellers rank232 in-office products and 3 in laptop stands 5 in-office carts and stands
Date first availableDecember 19, 2019
Customer reviews4.5 out of 5 stars 2, 148 reviews

Duchy adjustable laptop stand review

This is antislip with silicon pad adjustable laptop stand that helps to prevent overheat on the laptop and improve posture on our body.

If you are looking for a formidable portable laptop stand to prevent yourself from a bad posture that can cause stress to your neck, eyes, and spine this is the right one.

Using this laptop stand will not only make your work better, but it will also help you leave a pain-free and healthy life.

Duchy adjustable laptop stand helps to control stress pain and fatigue that occur when you working on the laptop for a long time.  So more neck pain, back pain, or eye fatigue thanks to the great laptop stand well sturdy without any assembly needed very portable and easy to carry along anywhere.

Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand Review
Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand Review

Durable And Stable

The Duchy adjustable laptop stand is made to last longer built strong and with a sturdy design, high-quality material was used to produce it.

It is very stable when using it thanks to the heavy-duty aluminum alloy that was made from, plus it can support up to 13 lbs 6kg and still remain strong without shake nor wobble.

It comes with an anti-slip silicone pad on it that guarantees security for your laptop from any scratch or sliding off. and not only that this great stand also has silicon protection structured at the bottom of the bracket this quality a secure stable and strong experience when working with your laptop.

Convenient And Ergonomic

The structure is great and cool stylish well sturdy with aluminum alloy material, very easy to use ergonomic, easy to clean, plus its rustproof scratch proof, and convenient.

The alloy used is heat conduction and ventilated hollow helps to cool the laptop down whenever it overheating.

Check out this video that shows you more about Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand

Well Study Design

The Duchy adjustable laptop stand comes with a good and amazing design that makes it easy to store and to carry along with it also has a groove at the bottom panel which can be used to holding space for your various important accessories like your mouse, pen, staple,  USB storage, cell phone, I pad and many more. Ideas for home use for your various laptop, or music book, tablets, projectors, office use, coffee shop, library, and many more.

Pros and Cons


  • The Duchy adjustable laptop stand can be used for various kinds of laptops because it comes with wide device compatibility the laptop is fitted with all laptops from 10 to 17 inches including notebooks PC computer10  inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13, etc.
  • 100 % good customer service guaranty, you can get in touch with them easily through their customer service if you have any concerning this product.
  • 100 mony back is a guaranty in case you are not satisfied with what you buy you can get in touch with them for refund.
  • It is very easy to use conveniently and with no assembly whatsoever.


  • It could be a little stiff at first because it is new and will get better over time.

Check out what  those that are using this adjustable laptop stand are saying down below

Buyers reviews


Blue note 

Great stand at an affordable price I ordered my laptop stand it arrived today sturdiness, it is pretty sturdy and supports my 17-inch laptop.

Stability; it has a grip pad on the bottom to prevent sliding around or damage to the table

ergonomic; it tilts and is height adjustable. I can tilt it, adjust the height as needed, or have it lie flat. this seems to be just what I needed instead of pilling books under my laptop.

It is a little stiff at first to position it, but that could be becouse it is new and perhaps will lose over time hopefully not too much. no assembly was required. I just opened the package, adjusted the angle and height of the stand, placed my laptop on it, and voila, I was ready to go with my workstation. it has a grip in the front to prevent the laptop from sliding off.


Versatile position, if you have a tiny laptop and you need to bring it up to eye level, this is the stand to get. it is lightweight, very portable, and versatile, this will place your laptop into any position you would want as it fully adjustable.

And if you need to collapse it down to store away that is easy to do too. realistically you would not want to do this too often as the joints are really stiff in order to hold your laptop securely. It is just a bolt that determines the tightness of the hinges so if you do a lot of collapsing, it comes with a tool to tighten the bolts.

it is not going to be a museum piece as it is just aluminum place underneath your laptop but it will look good with a MacBook or metallic laptop

as for typing on it, that is doable but if you are going to be doing it all day long, you will need a non-adjustable stand or a stack of books since it is just thin aluminum, it does bend slightly under pressure and although it doesn’t bounce,

there is a slight wobble that will not feel comfortable if you are typing for an extended period. but really, that not what it was made to do you are supposed to elevate your laptop and leave it alone it and that does well.

Linzia A

Beautiful and strong must-have for any laptop user, received the laptop stand today and, wow! the rose gold color is so much richer than the image on amazon. the silicon protector pads match perfectly too so it is very attractive even when it is not in use. it is difficult to show in the photo but the metal has a nice texture to it that adds a soft sheen. on to the functional part.

This stand is sturdy and highly adjustable, as you can see from my pics; the surfaces and arm are well made, nothing flimsy about it.

There is a little wrench included if you want to tighten the bolts to a constant position but it is not necessary as the stand is strong enough to hold your desired position when set by hand.

It is great to have the option becouse you can set it to a higher level if, say you wanted to webchat on camera and then change it to a lower tilt for an ergonomic angle for typing. either way, it adjusts easily, holds firm, and is highly stable. I purchased the stand as a gift and I’m very pleased with it, I’m sure it will be much appreciated and enjoyed.

vivek D 

MacBook accessory I never knew I needed but now I used it every day! ahh, the era of video conferencing has never been as big as it is now.

I am on at least three video calls a day. for the first two months of working from home, I struggled to find the perfect placement of my laptop for the video calls. I balanced it on a box of cookies, canned beans, a stack book, pretty much anything you can think of and it was never perfect. Also, after the video call, I had to take my contraption apart, becouse you can’t just keep your laptop balanced on a couple of cans of beans.

Enter this amazing stand. as you can see from my pics, it has a huge range of angles that can be high up looking down, eye-level, or for you risky folks, below eyes level looking up. P the bolts are tight, it is not hard to put it into position but it will not move once you set it. you can also type on it even while it on the stand.

and as a bonus, it matches the metallic color of the MacBook perfectly so it looks great as well easy 5 stars, definitely recommend.

Is Duchy Adjustable Laptop Stand

In this post, we’ve heard from those that are using this stand that it is a great product which is one of the important factors to look at when buying any product so in my opinion is yes this a cool product to buy.


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