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About DaySky V14S Laptop

The DaySky V14S laptop, 14.1 Full HD IPS Display, intel Appollo N3450 processor, 8GB DDR RAM 256GB SSD Thin and Light laptop, backlit keyboard, full metal body, windows 10, USB 3.0, Type C great laptop for home, office work, or for school.

DaySky V14S Laptop Full Specifications

Brand nameDaySky
Item model number14s
Hardware platformPC
Operating systemWindows 10
Item weight5.72 pounds
Product dimensions12.68/ 7.99 / 0.59 inches
Processor count2
Computer memory typeDDR4 SDRAM
Hard drive interfaceUSB 2.0
Voltage7.4 volts
Standard screen display size14.1 inches
Max screen resolution1920  1080 pixels
Memory speed2.2 GHz
Graphics coprocessorIntel HD graphics 500
Chipset brandIntel
Card descriptionIntegrated
Wireless typeBluetooth, 802.11a
Customer reviews4.3 out of 5 stars of 8 reviews
Bestsellers rank3, 022 in computers and accessories and 297 in traditional laptop computers.

DaySky V14S laptop Review

The DaySky v14s is one of the laptops with the latest technology cheap and must-have with advanced features like the N3450 intel apollo, 5G dual-band wifi, 6 seconds boot solid-state (SSD), ultra-narrow bezel, two-color optional, 5000mA battery, Backlit keyboard, Lightweight body, and many more.

DaySky V14S Laptop
DaySky V14S Laptop

This is the right one if you are looking for a good laptop for your homework, school, or office use without having to break the bank for it. The Apollo lake core intel N3450 processor does an amazing job to render good speed and excellent performance to make you work and be more productive or maybe you want to take work to the next level.

It runs various programs quickly including heavy ones without any difficulty, plus it gives you multitasking usage so that you can carry out various tasks on your laptop at the same time without any clutter.

Enjoy The FHD Display With IPS Tech

The FHD display coupled with IPS technology offers you 1920* 1080 resolution so that you can enjoy high-quality image and video.

Plus 500 intel HD graphics coprocessor offer even more super high-quality video graphics and also incredible image when on the internet.

It comes with 14 screen inches with good lighting for a perfect wider few whether you are indoor or outdoor the lighting fantastic for video and image even when browsing online.

DaySky V14S Laptop
DaySky V14S Laptop

Long-life Battery

No more worry about the battery running down quickly or dead battery because the Daysky v14s comes with a powerful built-in 7.4V battery life of 5000mA to enjoy your laptop without having to worry about charging it. So you enjoy long standby time without any charging cable been carry along every time if you are a traveler this is an ideal laptop for you.


Huge space for your files

With this laptop, you get enough space to store capacity for all various files and documents, for example, you have 128G and 256G  SSD storage capacity that more than enough space for all your various files including videos, music, image, etc …. so you can store more of your files on it without having to worry about space or your laptop decluttering.

Plus 8GB RAM  DDR4 is another more than enough large bandwidth to run any kind of your application, games, images, and videos faster. You don have to be worrying about the laptop running slow anymore.

DaySky V14S Laptop

Versatile And Perfect Figure

The DaySky laptop v14s  is very versatile and yet come with a perfect look an ultra-thin figure and lightweight design, its weight is about 5.73 lbs and thin stylish look as 0.59 inch so its easy to carry along for both home, office, school or travel, plus its body shell is made with metal. So as you can see it’s built to last longer and strong.

Other Features Included

More features include:

  • Full-size backlit keyboard: that is great with a good layout and large enough for typing easily even if there low light around you.
  • Multiport: which includes DC charge;  USB type-C, TF card, USB 3.0, headphone jack.
  • Support 1TB solid-state storage extend
  • Enlarge touchpad
  • 5mm
DaySky V14S Laptop
DaySky V14S Laptop

pros and cons


  • It affordable with high quality so if you are looking for a great laptop for home, office or school use without breaking the bank here is the right one right here.
  • 100%  good customer care guaranty anytime in case you are having any issue with the product you can get in touch with them via their customer service for help anytime.
  • 100% money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with what you buy you can return the product for your full refund.


  • Touchscreen features aren’t included.
  • Not convertible to tablet


Check out what those  that are using the DaySky V14S laptop  are saying below

Buyers reviews

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Work well, user-friendly and fast processing! I recently purchased this Daysky laptop computer and I must say I am impressed with a lot of the features and performance that it has. It comes with a built-in N3450 quad-core processor at 2.2 Hz and so it works pretty fast when surfing the web or using various software applications.

It is pre-installed with Windows 10, has 8GB RAM and 256 BG SSD which make it an ideal laptop for basic home users and my kid’s schoolwork while at home. it comes with a lot of peripheral items like a wireless mouse, mouse pad, USB HUB, keyboard cover, and charger that make it a great setup for office or schoolwork.

I also like that I can insert a TG card or connect an external device if needing and allows me to keep multiple applications open at the same time if  I am working on a big work project.

The laptop also has a thin screen. 59 inches and lightweight being between 5 and 6 pounds that makes it ideal for transportation when I am traveling with my job. it is also equipped with a 14.1-inch screen, a resolution that is FHD 1920 x 1080, and Intel HD graphics which gives the display a crip and vibrant color that make it a great computer for games, movies, and of course for daily use. it is also wifi and Bluetooth capable.

It has a great battery life that is nice when I am on the go and can’t be near a place to charge it.  it has a precision touchpad with multitouch support that makes navigation on it an easy process. Overall, I am impressed with the quality durability, and design of this laptop and will be using it a lot for all my online and work needs!

Francis Chau

With strong performance, quirky design, this laptop is no-frill and mostly a workhorse. I like the full-size keyboard and a wide touchpad. the screen is clear and bright.

There are some elements that bothered me. the back display has two rubber stoppers to prevent the display from opening beyond 270 degrees. It is just enough to see but cannot open fully wide.

the built-in webcam is an undesirable location. It is under the screen versus above the screen show it makes me look like a giant talking down to the camera. but I use an external webcam so it is not too bad.

Performance is good. I’d don’t experience too much lag on office apps and the speaker’s sound is clear.

Overall, this laptop is a good starter for students or anyone looking for a low-cost investment for pc computing.


Well made and works great, it was for Christmas gift, mainly because of the price and specs it has. My order delivery was prompt came well package unboxing and getting it set up look less than 10 mins.

this laptop is slim a mac good resolution for 14.5 screens. it is crip and vibrancy isn’t too bad either size and weight is really great, makes a good portable laptop for work or travel. Bluetooth connects a wireless mouse and earbuds perfectly overall a great starter for a kid either for home school or play.


The online picture looks way cute. I guess descent for the price, sorry for the mess, I am I, my basement. hmm, the online picture looks fine. I will come back to review some more I’ve only had it for 2 hours. a great deal for the laptop. It is pink for my kid to appreciate that.

Be sure to use the keyword cove, it gives it more quality. Btw no need to buy a USB hub, which I’ve already done,  it comes with a cute man USB 4 part. the quality of the software quality is a windows computer large box I say this because I use another windows computer. I will come backkkk.

Is the DaySky V14S laptop worth buying?.

This a good great laptop at a very affordable price if you are looking for a laptop for home or school use this’s one of the right ones to go for and for what I’ve seen so far plus good reviews from those that are using it I would recommend this laptop.


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