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About Cooper Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk

The Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Folding Laptop Desk is great with height and tilts angle adjustable, (leather top) great for work, it is sturdy, great for bed, reading and stand include drawer pearl and colour is white.

Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk
Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk

Product details and overview

Brand nameCooper cases
ManufacturerCooper cases
Item weight7.7 pounds
Product Dimensions  L W H23.62L/ 15.121W/ 17.2H inches
Item model numberCPR22WHT100
FunctionMulti usage
Material usesAluminium alloy, MDF, PVC, ABS, PU
SizeXL Desk pro
Customer reviews4.7 out of 5 stars 520 reviews
Bestseller rank3,454 in-office product, 34 in lap decks and 2,967 in home decor products
Product typeAdjustable
Date first availableJanuary 25, 2020

Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk Review

The Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk is designed to give total comfort with high-quality materials used.  It is a cool foldable laptop deck and if you are aiming for a stable and affordable desk to improve your work at home or for office use. Structured well and easy to use for various endeavours like gaming,  writing, studying, eating etc.

Perfect dimension

This desk comes with a perfect dimension of about 11 -17″ with a premium faux- leather finish at the top, its can be adjusted and use as a laptop table even on top of your bed or couch. usable as a standing desk by placing it on top of a desk or stable for home or office work, useable as a breakfast tray even on top of your sofa. The Cooper cases desk pro-XL is for both laptops as well at the (desktop) of you fix computers.

Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk
Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk

Easy to Foldup for more space

The desk can be easily folded up without any difficulty so you safe more space, however, its legs are adjustable into different height and tilt angles.

This desk is strong enough to support up to 40 kg or 88 lbs. It easy and simple 5 adjustable heights of  10 / 15/  27/  38 and top angle from 0 to 36 degrees and tilt angles of about 23.6″/ 17.7″/ 60/ 45 cm with no hassle that so ever.

Come With Antislip Grip

The Cooper cases desk guaranty you a stable and secure use with it anti-slip silicone grip so you don’t have to worry anymore when using it. whether you are using it as a MacBook lap desk or as a bed tray for your various works, games reading, eating, school-home works etc…at your comfort zone working from your bed, floor, sofa or couch, it enhances productivity.

More Space to Store important tool

The Cooper Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk come with more usable space for your various important tools, for example, the desk has a (built-in iPad stand groove) for iPad or tablet, (side drawer for storing books, pens, etc, and book stand with fol out legs, so as you can see there are more things you can with this multi-usage adjustable desk.

Pros And Cons


  • No assembly is required what so ever.
  • 100% good customer service guarantee so you can get in touch with them anytime in case you have issues with the product via their customer care service.
  • Cooper Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk comes with  +2 years warrantee.
  • The deck pro-XL can be used as a bed tray for eating and as well as place laptop.
  • 100% money back guaranty you can return the desk for your full refund. If you are not satisfied with what you purchase.
  • The table is with folding legs, the book stands with storage slot table groove, storage drawer for your various objects like your key, book etc … and stopper barrier.


  • The desk may slide if there’s no grip on the bottom of the desk feet.

Check out what those that are using this product are saying about it down below

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candace van

The right tool for the job, I purchase this to use at night, sitting in bed, which is when I have enough peace and quiet to get some writing done. I’ve used laps desks and pillow desk but I got this because it seemed much better suited to my needs. and it is! setting it up is easy.

Adjusting the height and tilt is easy. pulling the drawer out isn’t that easy but if it was, it would be a good place to store anything! this desk gives me a nice, big workspace. my laptop doesn’t slide around on it.

When I have the desk tilted, I use the stopper to make sure sure the laptop stays on the surface. and the stopper sticks up high enough to encourage the laptop to stay put, but not enough to interfere with my touch-typing or use of the built-in trackpad.

The ski shaped legs are forgiving about rumpled bedding. I can put one side up higher than the other to compensate for major rumpling. I can sit with my legs under it, or one left under, or even cross-legged.

The best thing is that I can set it up to the tilt and height I like, plonk my 15- inch laptop in the middle of it, or one leg under, or even cross-legged. the best thing is that I can set it up to the tilt and height I like, plonk my 15-inch laptop in the middle of it and get to work.

No wobbling, no distractions. a great tool for what I use for. I also tried it out sitting in a chair in the living room and on the couch. it works in both those places. I like the tilt feature, too, because if, say I want to sketch on my I pad pro, I could position it at just the right angle. the price was more than I wanted to pay, but the quality and functionality make it worth it.


Sturdy great quality, perfect for multi-uses, I was hesitant to buy laptop desk because I did not think it would be sturdy or wide enough. I am extremely pleased with this one! is strong enough to hold all of my equipment and I can still rest my arms on it for typing.

The textured surface keeps everything from slipping around. I adjust the height and tilt many times a day and it is very easy to do even when all of my equipment is still on it. the book stand and tablet groove are great! I especially like that the legs are ski-shaped so it is easy to glide it across the bed.

DL Wright

The fantastic desk had issues seller, but all solved, purchasing this desk was a trying experience. Amazon sent me a used desk even though I had paid for a new one. even when taking the plunge to ship the desk myself, I was lied to about the quality of the desk. contacting the company of the desk led to sour results and I was left with a bad impression about amazon and the desk company. Fortunately, the company of cooper pro-XL reached out to me read about my experience and were very understanding. apologizing for miscommunication, they are investigating and hope to improve amazon supply and shipping service of their products. they sent me missing parts and a replacement desk at no cost.

the company went above and beyond with their services and generosity in order to see that I was satisfied with their product. this is a company that really cares about their products and customers.

Here is the review on the desk:

The cooper desk pro XL it is light enough while being sturdy while boasting a generous amount of space to accommodate most work situations. it is easy to adjust to the height and angle you desire. thing do slip off the desk at its heights angle including a book inserted into a book stand. understandable because of gravity. the included fold-out stand is quite handy too as it can be pace on the desk or folded out to be placed on another surface which has been really great for my art studies.

the side pulls out draw has been quite convenient as well for holding miscellaneous items. I often tend to place loose items like a flash drive, earphone and microphone clothes in it so it id ver hand to have.

The insertable stopper really completes the functionality of the desk to adjust angles without it most objects will be sliding off the desk. I found that the insertable stopper combines with a cooler master wrist rest keeping my iPad and keyboard from slipping off the desk and provides the comfort I desire when working for a long period of time.

I much as I would have liked to use the in the included stand it is not sturdy and stable enough for my drawing needs. I have my iPad resting on a small metal mesh stand to help angle in further. power bank and accessories are behind the iPad that act somewhat to distribute the weight over the desk.

The desk definitely makes for a very pleasant experience to work with a couch or bed or even upon the floor. where I was chained to working solely from my main workstation desk I now have the freedom to move around to more comfortable locations.

Critique on a desk: I am unsure if this is the intended design, but I a had few critiques. there is no grip on the bottom of the desk feet which cause desk to slide around even on grippy surfaces. this may be the design to make it easier to slide around when you would rather not pick it up. one might have to stick rubber or grippy like material under the feet if they desire not to have the desk slide around.

The inside pull out drawer is glossy plastic. possibly a foam or rubber inlay of the desk drawer could be added to protect from scratches and objects sliding around. Due to the desk feet needing much surface area in order to make the desk stable it does make short chairs and couches unavailable for use.

Also when the desk is folded and placed flat, it rocks back and forth which is a pity as it limits its functionality for the user to lay it on a surface and still be able to work on the desk.

Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the desk and company. I competently recommend this desk for an adjustable and portable workstation solution.

My Verdict On Cooper Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk

Prior to what I discovered on this product, I would recommend this desk for its great features, and good ratings,  it worth buying and if you are looking a great adjustable and affordable desk this will do the job. what really makes me love it more is the good customer service and good ratings from those that are using it.


On this post, I have helped you with a thorough review on Cooper Cases Desk Pro XL Adjustable Laptop Desk including videos, ratings and reviews from those that are using it.

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