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About Tonor TC-777 Condenser USB Microphone

The TC-777 Tonor USB microphone, Tonor computer condenser mic, for PC,  gaming mic with tripod stand and pop filter for streaming, podcasting, vocal recording, compatible with laptop desktop windows computer.

Tonor TC-777 Condenser USB Microphone

Product Details And Overview

Brand nameTONOR
Item model numberTC-777
Item weight12.2 ounces
Connectivity  systemUSB
Product typeGame, streaming, voice
Display featuresWireless
Bestsellers rank 2 in computer microphones
Global reviews4.4 out of 5 stars of 13,396 reviews
Date fist availableAugust 11, 2019

Tonor TC-777 Condenser USB Microphone Review

The Tonor TC condenser microphone is a USB type-2.0 port great for high-quality audio production on all your various recordings.  If you are looking for a great microphone affordable for your audio or video streaming like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, skype, zoom chats – twitch, WebEx, FaceTime etc… this is the right one with no software needed it to plug and play type like microphone.

Great for learning, charting, podcasting,   very it is convenient and very easy to use recoding various audios anytime.  compatible with your various computers, laptop,  windows, Mac, and also compatible with Xbox.

Not Addition Software Needed

You do not need any other third-party software, programs or driver all you need to do is plug and play. this mic gives you everything you are looking in audio, for example, the Tonor TC-777 Condenser USB Microphone comes with a cardioid pickup system that cash up and undiluted sound clearly with high quality.  It captures everything in front and then eliminates the unwanted back noise.

 Accessories are Include

The pop-filter included is great accessories also included are windscreen and shock mount so as you can see it is easy to mount everything is already assembled together you won’t have to do that for yourself any more. You can just do some adjustment to meet perfectly to where you want by unfolding the legged stand directly.

you do not have to read adjust the pop filter, it is all mounted the pop filter is on the shock frame, not a boom arm. However, you can easily unscrew and attached it to the boom stand. it about 5/8″  with a threaded insert directly. However if  the treated insert your stand comes with is 3/8, then the 3/8 female to 5/8″ male threaded screw adapter is needed (that is not included )

 Included In The Package

here is what you get shipped  to your doorstep if buy:

  • 1 Microphone with the power cord of 1.5m
  • 1 foldable mic tripod
  • 1 Mini shock mount
  • 1 pop filter and
  • 1 manual

Check out this video below for it shows you it shows more about this microphone

pros and cons


  • High-quality microphone at a lower price compatible with various devices including Xbox.
  • 100% money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with what you purchase you can return the mic for your full refund.
  • 100% good customer service you can get in touch with their customer service anytime if you have any issue with the product.


  • It doesn’t have the ON/OFF button, so you will have to unplug it if you don’t want to recognise it on your computer.
  • You may require a USB extender to route for more extra length.

Check out what  those that are using this microphone are saying down bellow

Buyer reviews

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Great quality microphone I have uploaded a video to show the sound quality of the microphone. I believe it is very good for this price range. I have a yeti blue as well and I cannot tell the difference in sound quality even though it is more expensive.

pros :

plug and play

pop filters included

great sound quality

shock absorbent


does not have on/off switch, so if you don’t want your computer to recognise it as an input, you will need to unplug it.

Rickky Arnold

Great mic for the money! beast the blue snowball, first of all, if you re looking at this or the blue snowball because of the price, do yourself a favour and just get this. the snowball picks up way more ambient noise causing a bit of background “hiss” and this does a way better job of blocking all of that out while still being cheaper.

Second, this comes put together already as one unit. You just have to take it out of the box, extend the feet and plug it into your computer. it is that simple.

It already comes with the accessories you’d need like a pop filter, windscreen and shock mount to mount it to a boom arm if you d like the one limitation you should be aware of, however, is the length of the USB cord that comes with it. if you plan to route it pretty far away or under your desk, you may require a USB extender to get that extra length.

other than that, for $40 this thing sounds darn good!

Brad Williams 

Very nice cost-conscious mic, very clear from 1-20″ with of the cardioid seems to be about 140 degrees, with a nice decibel cut outside of the optimal range/direction.

The mic does not have a physical again- again should be adjusted at the sound device level and then the application using the mic can adjust the input volume. suggest running the gain around 60-80%. while the device does not present a hum or anything abnormal at 100% gain, the clearest/most HIFI sounding, gain level without clipping are between 60 -80.

The pop filter being as part of the mic shock frame is actually really cool, adjustable the angle of the mic on a boom- you do not also have to readjust the pop filter, it is all one movement as the pop filter is on the shock frame, not a boom arm.

J.C Bauman

Good value for speaking, gaming – plug and play, the mic arrived, well packaged in a very sleek box. upon opening the lid of the box, the instruction manual was front and centre. it provides excellent detailed instructions for setup and connecting to both mac and pc operating systems( even include screen shorts, in colour!).

It comes about 80% assembled, all you have to do it put on the pop filter and windscreen (if you want to-totally optional). then, plugin and go.

the tripod seems rather sturdy and easy to fold the legs into position for use. the mic is in a shock-mount. nothing too fancy but seems fin. no additional bands included.

the pop filter arm is just a tad too short to achieve the optional position in front of the mic capsule. but, you can find a position that is good enough.

Now, to the microphone. in order to get a decent sound level, during setup in my control panel, I had to maximize the input volume levels. anytime you do that, it increases the likelihood of background hum.

I did a nominal amount of testing at 3 distances away from the mic – 6″, 12″, 18. 12 and 18 had nearly the same pickup volume, whereas 6″ was the best. but, a trace amount of hiss/hum is present (see early comment about input volume).

It appears to be a standard cardioid pattern (captures what’s directly in front of it and slight to the side).

This would be a decent microphone for working from home to increase your audio quality on video and chats – twitch, youtube, zoom, webEx, to meetings, skype, faceTime etc… if your site more than 18″ from the mic, you will need to speak louder to get a crisp, clear sound. but, I would not use this for any sort of multi-person conference call microphone unless you have to.

For the price, it is a good value. But, I wouldn’t go this route for musical applications  ( singing, guitar, ukulele) as the sensitivity isn’t high enough for the distance needed to play those instruments.

Is Tonor TC-777 Condenser USB Microphone Worth Buying

After all my observertion on this product, I would say it is a value for money product that worth buying. plus the customer reviews and ratings are great, those ththat are using it are also recommend it which is very important when buying a prodcut.


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