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Birdrock Home Multi-Tasking Laptop Bed Lap Tray

The Birdrock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray with storage drawer laptop desk table for sitting or standing bed couch chair sofa lap tray work from home great as a student laptop stand and homework is a multi-use table.

Birdrock home multitasking laptop bed tray
Birdrock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray

Product Details And Overviews

Brand nameBirdrock home
ManufacturerBirdrock home
Item model numberK11442-2
Product typeMulti-tasking laptop tray
Suggest usersUnisex
Item weight6lbs
DimensionsL21.5/ W13.75/L 9.25
Media slot dimensions10″W/ O.3″ D
Fit laptop dimensions15″ or smaller
Global ratings4.7 out of 5 stars of 889

Birdrock Home Multi-tasking Laptop Bed Lap Tray Review

This laptop lap and bed tray is cool for all your various tasks. It’s portable and easy to use,  for laptops, studying, reading, games, school works, and even great for eating.

It’s furnished to give total comfort for everyone, for example,  the Birdrock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray can be adjusted to use in all angles of your comfort zone in including bed, sofa, and your couch. This bed tray comes in a perfect dimension for all your various important devices like your  15″ laptops, 9.6 inches tablets, your 3.5″ smartphone, pads and so much more.

Easy And Adjustable

This laptop lap tray is can be adjusted and it is easy. The top part of the desk can be raised up to fit for your desire position whether you desire to use seated or at the standing position, plus this desk is furniture with a storage drawer at the side so that you have enough space to store more of indispensable objects you need including your smartphones, your pencils, pens, notes,  and many more of them.  It offers enough space even with  15.1 inches laptop ontop you still have enough space for your mouse. The dimensions are about 21.5 Width, 13.17″ depth, 9.25″ height when its legs are extended and about 1.17″ height when without folding.

Portable Foldable All-in-one desk.

The multi-tasking lap desk is portable and can be folded up to carry along, plus it comes with foldable legs so that you can save more space.

Fold and keep after finish using it.  However, with the foldable on it, you can turn this desk to a  normal table at your home or used as a standing desk to carry out all your various task as you work at home- by putting it on the counter and get on with all the huge pros that come with it. You don’t any need to purchase any other desk separately to work at home at your own convenience.

Enhance Productivity.

The BirdRock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray helps you enhance enthusiasm to boost productivity on all your endeavors you can confidently go for this desk if you are looking for a perfect lap trap to get more task done quickly all the way from your comfort zone even at your couch.

Be more productive using it plus it allows you to use your various devices, for example,  the tablet, and smartphone phone slots allow you to be able to easily see and answer an upcoming call, message and emails while the drawer allows you to store you various essential object that needs like pens, note, pensile, and many other important accessories including your mouse.

Check out this video below for it shows you more about the Birdrock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray.

Pros And Cons


  • 100% good customer service anytime you can get in touch with them if you are having any issue concerning this desk.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with what you purchase you can return the desk for your full refund.


  • The multi-tasking desk  is made from wood

Check out what those that are using the multi-tasking table are saying about it here.


Buyers review

Kim Daniel

I would purchase this product again !!! my only dislike is that if either end gets bumped or you shift slightly more on one side the legs close and tilt the table causing what on it to all slide and maybe fall off. So if you have kids or move around a lot I find this to get a bit frustrating.

But love the drawer so convenient and the slots for tables and your phone are big enough that our devices all fit even with the protective thick cases we have and that’s perfect. Overall I’m happy with this product and thinking of getting another so my kids don’t fight over this one.


Exceeds expectations, this BirdRock home multi-tasking laptop bed tray is just like the picture says it is. one question I had was if it was made of wood which I wanted, bamboo with which I have had problems, or something else. as far as I can tell, it is made of wood, but it is a lightweight. the drawer is convenient, as is the mouse pad.


Really great laptop  lap desk! I highly recommend this lap desk! I got it for school since everything was moved to ZOOM. the laptop desk is definitely very sturdy and solid. the tablet slot holds my iPad  7 perfectly and the drawer is a nice addition. there is plenty of legroom; I also love being able to justify the Eagle because it makes reading and writing on my iPad so much easier.

Erica S

Pretty much as advertised but carried broken, didn’t notice that one of the units was broken when arrived at first. the leg support came apart during shipping. Also, the wood in one leg has a large hole in it defective wood. thankfully my husband is good at building and doing woodwork so will fix it.

This is why dropped the rating to 3 stars. The surface quality isn’t nearly as good as the picture but doesn’t affect use. overall built quality is ok, but I think not bad for the pricing. got two of them and both are a little different in size. the bar at the bottom is too big and tall to be able to fit a larger laptop on and use a keyboard. would be nice if they made it removable with a screw instead of glue.

Is BirdRock Home Lap Desk Laptop Bed Lap Tray Worth Buying

After my observation on this laptop lap desk, I would say it is a great all-in-one portable strong desk for all your various task value for money plus good ratings and reviews from those that are using it so I would recommend this desk.


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