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About Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk

The  Huanuo laptop desk-portable laptop desk with a cushion, fits up to a 15.6-inch laptop, with an anti-slip strip and storage function for home office student use as a computer laptop stand, book table with a sturdy design for total comfort.

Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk For Home Office
Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk For Home Office

Product details and overview

Brand nameHuanuo
ManufacturerHaven furniture
Product typelap laptop desk
Product dimensions17/ 12.8/ 3.5 inches
Product weight3.32 pounds
Model  numberHNLD17
Suggest userUnisex
Material usedWood (platform), foam (cushion) and plastic (slot)
Global ratings4.6 out of 5  stars of 2, 904 reviews
Best sellers rank1, 135 in-office products 5 in pap deck, and 557  in more decor products.

Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk Review

The Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk is a multitasking one of the kept secrete and useful gadget must have at home. It is purposely made for total comfort this lap desk comes in different sizes so you can choose your preferred size you want.

Their  dimensions range from 21.5   14″, 16.1″  11.6″, 16″ 12″,   21.5″ 14″, and 21.5″ 14″. These are the dimensions of each one of them so you can go for the one that will perfectly fit your own laptop.

Model And Sizes

  • However, the 21.5   14″( model nhld6)  is of dark grain wood platform, foam cushion, and plastic slot with built-in mouse pad – suitable for up to 17″  inches laptop.
  • 16.1″ 11.6″  ( model hnld10) is made of a black plastic platform, foam cushion, and a cooling fan is included with a detachable mouse pad – suitable for up to 15.6″ inch laptop.
  • 16″ 12″  (model hnld13) made from the black plastic platform and foam cushion -with NO mouse pad – suitable for up to 14″ inches laptop.
  •  21.5″ 14″ (hnld9) made up of brown wood grain platform, foam cushion, and plastic slot-with NO mouse pad – suitable for 17″ inches laptop.
  • 21.5″ 14″ made up of black wood grain platform, foam cushion, and plastic slot- with but in mouse pad -suitable for 17″ inches laptops.

Help To Boost Productivity

Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk makes your work easy it’s made for total comfort, for example, you can use this desk while lying comfortably on your sofa, bed, couch and get going with your works. It’s great for office, at home or schoolwork.

It comes with a portable design easy to carry on traveling can even be used on a high table as a laptop standing desk to work at home or for reading.  You might get your legs hurt sometimes if you are using your laptop putting it on your lap.  For example, if you are somebody who works online,  that is why you need a  desk like this to keep you safe from heat, and not only that you can also be able to work conveniently on your couch, bed, etc, and enhance your productivity like ever before.

Perfect Design With Anti-slip

Your laptop will never fall down or slip-off of the desk becouse it comes with a comfortable and a secure 2-in-1 wrist pad long through the end of the desk, preventing your laptop from slipping off while you can relax your palm on it.

However, at the back site of this desk, there is a cushion with dual bolster all to ensure your total comfort and to keep your lap secure anytime throughout your work. So you can work from any position or angle at your comfort.  Also included is a handle at the edge that makes it comfortable and easy to carry along, this lap desk is light in weight not heavy for anyone to carry.

 More Space For Your Valuable Object

This lap desk also includes a tablet holder for your iPad and tablets, a pen holder for pens, and a phone holder so you can monitor your phone and tablet for any incoming calls or messages you have all the valuable equipment you need to get going with your task in one place.

Check out this video below for it shows you how Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk

Pros And Cons


  • 100% good customer service guarantee anytime you can get in touch with them via their customer service incase you are having any issue.
  • 100%  full refund in case you are not satisfied with what you buy just return it for your full refund.


  • Go for the  perfect size for your laptop to have more space for your mouse.

Check out what those that are using this lap laptop desk are saying here.

Buyers reviews

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Very please with my purchase, this lap desk is everything was looking for. it seems to be sturdy and well made and it is definitely lightweight and comfortable to use. the wrist pad is soft and I don’t find that fabric to be itchy or irritating and my skin is sensitive! the same soft padded fabric is underneath the desk

where it rests on your lap when seated and the padding is soft and comfortable. the wrist pad definitely makes typing on my laptop way more comfortable while seated in a chair or curled up on the couch. I’ve already spent hours typing away with my laptop on this lap desk and have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this product.


Perfect updated! , I originally purchased October 2019: I’ve been using pillows under my laptop and a rolled-up towel for a wrist because the thin$metal edge of my wonderful MacBook was poorly designed, this is fantastic and I wish I had done it a long time ago. soft on my wrists, perfect height, soft underside, and pockets in front for a pen, remote, AirPods, whatever. Pic show with my  12″ MacBook.

I have used this lap desk everyday for over a year. imagine a warm with a homeschooled 5 yo in a 1-bedroom apartment during a covid lockdown and I can tell you it is indispensable. I even take this on road trips, it’s that awesome. I think I just admitted to a pandemic.

The cushion in the wrist rest is now becoming flattered where my wrist sits, and I am back here again because I m thinking of buying a second one before the cushion is completely gone; I don’t know how I ever lived without it. And no I am not being compensated by anybody for my review!.

Bernice Simon

Does the job, pictures is a little off though, I did a lot of research before getting this one. I saw a lot of options that had adjustable stands, mouse pads that pull out, cup holders. I didn’t need all that. I just wanted a lap desk that had few perks. IMO, this one is a good price for what I was seeking. It has little pouches in the back that I think fit my AirPods great, but not much else.

The advertised picture shows the mouse and phone on it, but I highly doubt you can put your phone in the slot at the same time as your laptop. In my picture, I have the 13″ 20210 MacBook pro, the smallest size the current MB s come in. I put a remote as a reference because it is smaller than my iPhone.I can lay my mouse down, but I didn’t have a lot of room to use it. it is a Logitech M720 and id rather use my trackpad.

Overall I am happy with it. The wrist rest is great. It was the feature I was seeking fo the mos, but there is not much more I can do with this and that ok.

It lightweight and you can pick up the prodcut with your laptop on it and not struggle. The lap pillow isn’t plush but you don’t really want it to be plush. It is firm enough that it keeps the angle: incline. and is also a very good angle. definitely get this prodcut if you want it on your lap. Don’t get it if you seek the features the picture is advertising.

Is Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk worth buying

My verdict on this lap desk after my observation is nothing but to recommend this desk it’s great and if you are looking for a portable laptop desk to make you work easier I would recommend you go with this one, it’s a useful gadget to have for home or office use, plus it has good ratings and customer reviews which very important.

    Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk For Home Office – Conclusion

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