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About LapGear Laptop Lap Desk pro 91598

The LapGear for home office pro lap desk with wrist rest mouse pad, and phone holder- come with black  Cardon platform – fits up To 15.6-inch laptops – with model  No. 91598 work from any angle of your home comfortably.

Check out this video below for it shows you Lapgear lap laptop desk pro 91598

Product Details And Overviews

Brand name LapGear
Manufacturer Creative Manufacturing, LLC dba Lap Desk
Item model number 91598
Item weight 3.64  pounds
Item dimensions 21.1/ 14.1/ 2.6 inches
Included Wrist-rest
Product type Lap desk, tray, table
Suggest uses Unisex: home, office.
Global rating 4.8 out of 5  stars of 2,938 reviews
Bestsellers rank 2,276 in-office products 15 in lap desk and 1,235 in home decor products

LapGear Laptop Lap Desk pro 91598 Review

The LapGear LapGear Laptop Lap Desk pro is one of the important laptop accessories that allows working in total comfort.  Very easy to use at home or in the office, it is sturdy and designed to improve the lives of those who work with laptops. This desk will help reduce the back and neck pain, stress, and strain that can occur as a result of working with the laptop. For example, this lap desk can be used while lying comfortably on your couch, bed, or sofa.

It comes with a platform, a soft dual bolster cushion at the bottom, and comfortable padded wrist rest to take your work to the next level it makes work faster and increases your output.

100%  full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.
LapGear Laptop Lap Desk pro 91598

Multi-tasking laptop lap desk

This lap desk can be used as a laptop bed tray, a standing desk by placing it on top of a higher table, and as a  table for school, home, or office use. Get your various work going anytime at any angle of your comfort zone.

It is easy to use with any assembly is needed, plus you control your messages and phone calls from your phone all the way from the phone slot that is included. Also included are the dual bolster soft cushion and the bottom that let air in and prevent laps from being heat.

Comes With Accurate Dimensions

The lap desk is about surface platform dimensions are about 21.1 / 14 with wrist rest while the vertical cell phone holder slot is about 5″ / 0.75″. The mouse surface included is about 5″/9″ however the smooth flat surface included on the platform allows the laptop to easily ventilated.

Anti-Slip Surface

Your laptop will never slip-off or fall off the desk when using it because this desk comes with an anti-slip surface including the wrist wrest that offers comfort while keeping your laptop safe from slipping off.

Ergonomic Lap Desk

This’s a very ergonomic laptop lap desk must-have if you are looking for one with important features like the dual bolster at the bottom to prevent you allow air to pass through and prevent your legs from heating

The phone slot help to have your valuable device under control from calls and messages.

The mouse pad lets your mouse glide reducing the lagging sessions.

The wrist pad for total comfort fort when using the laptop.

Also included is the carrying handle to make it easy to carry along.

Pros and cons of LapGear lap laptop desk pro


  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having an issue with the product.
  • 100%  full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.


  • Available only in black,  great, and wood color.
  • Various dimension is available so you need to go for the right dimensions for that you have space for your mouse.

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Buyers reviews


Ali A khan

Great lap desk, exactly what  I was looking for! I do a lot of work at home on my laptop, and occasionally rather than sitting at a desk, I like to use my laptop on the couch. I was in the market for a decent lap desk that would hold my phone and have an attached mouse pad previously I had used the older model of this lapgear desk, which was pretty good.

The only real downside to that lap desk was the fact that it didn’t have a wrist rest and after an hour or so of using my laptop, my wrist would start to hurt by resting it on the edge of the laptop.

This laptop takes care of that problem. I really like the dark carbon surface appearance, not to mention this one has a nice padded wrist and mousepad rest so you don’t feel any of the fatigue or discomfort of traditional lap desks.

Additionally, the padded bottom is comfortable and overall it is exactly what I was looking for. there is a nice plastic slot above the mousepad to rest your phone in. which seems to be the trend with a lot of these lap desks. I think anyone looking for a good portable workspace will be completely satisfied with this purchase.

Gwendalynn Taylor

Just it. this is the one, this is an amazing laptop lap desk. it is supper comfortable, the wrist rest helps my carpal tunnel and keeps the mouse from sliding off, whether I m sitting or moving the lap desk to the table.

The micro-bead cushion on the bottom is very comfortable, level well, and keep airflow to prevent your lap from getting hot like foam might. I wish the wrist rest was microbead too, but it is comfortable. I really really wish they offered this in white marble maybe even with gold veining with a wrist rest. Please offer more colors.

This is very lightweight, more so than another lap desk I tried, but feels incredibly sturdy.  It’s high-quality plastic and doesn’t bend with my laptop on it even when I move it with one hand underneath.

This is the best lap desk I’ve tried out of two. the other had a slide-out mouse tray but I could tell that would hurt my wrist over several hours and my toddler kept knocking the tray back in. also, the mouse wanted to fall off whenever I switched to typing. I do wish there was another inch or two off for the mouse to move, but it is not a dealbbreaker.

I hope this helps those of you looking for an awesome lap desk.


I like it but it could be more comfortable, I like this lap-desk a lot, but I do think that the wrist pad is very uncomfortable. It has very thin padding over a hard surface. This causes me to pain literally after 10 minutes of typing and resting my wrist on them: it vert great at a certain angle and it is bad at most angles, other than that, I really like it. it provides more than enough space for my 13-inch laptop and a mouse if a chooses to use one plus my phone on the side and a portable speaker.

Is Lapgear Lap laptop Desk pro 91598 Worth Buying?

This is a great desk from a great band.

well known for their high-quality product offered to their buyers,  if you are looking value fora value for money laptop lap desk without breaking the bank for it,  without assembly,  that will work, I would recommend this desk.

  Lapgear lap laptop desk pro 91598 -Conclusion

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