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About O’yeet Gopower Personal Blender

O’yeet personal blender for shakes ab smoothies 10sec quick nutrition extractor 1000W peak if design award BPA free recipes available, great personal blender for everyone one of the home device to have.

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Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender Full Characteristics Details

 Brand name O’yeet
Manufacturer O’yeet
Item model O’yeet Gopower blender
Material used  Medical grade Tritan Eastman Silicon Gel
Capacity 18 – ounce
Item weight 4.88 Pounds
Product dimension  10.6/ 9.4/ 6.2 Inches
Warranty  Included
High speed 30000Rpm
Global rating  4.6 out of 5 star


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Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender Review

The O’yeet  Gopower is one of the personal blenders that will take your nutritional blends to the next level, a  cool piece personal blender with a well sturdy design, an IF  award winner from the International Jury panel.  Comes with powerful blending systems, 1000 watts built-in motor and can extract nutrient foods in 10 seconds.

It pulverized frozen ingredients, crush ice at the rate of   30000 rpm high-speed level.  Easy to use, the personal blender comes with a one-touch colorful sports battle that can be carried along with you anytime during indoor or outdoor sports activities, even on your bike as a bike water bottle. The bottle is safe to use, it is break-proof, dust-proof, and easy to clean up,  it can be even dishwashable. The blade included is easy to remove and wash it is dish washable and removed easily by turning the body.

Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender
Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender

Built-in Powerful Motor

the build-in powerful motor is very quiet when in use,  quieter than any other personal blender device of its kind. It can handle and blend any thick smoothie, thin or hard cereals like coffee,  beans, nuts, great especially for the preparations of the nut butter.   The built-in motor has 10000W max power with  500W rated power and a 30000rpm high-speed rate. So it is capable enough to chop-p any heavy foods,  greats as a nutrient extractor, veggies, soups, smoothies, and shakes.  the personal blender is constructed in a way to allow fresh air to flow into the motor when in you in other to avoid overheating so you can rest assured that this blender will serve you for many years.

Blade Is Great Nutrient, Vitamins, And Extractor

The blade include is very strong and powerful for any nutrient food fruits and veggies preparations and also as a vitamins extractor.  The strong blade included is made from high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean, it can be removed easily by turning it, and can be a dishwasher.  It can pulverize ice, frozen foods, cereals, and leguminous foods easily, great for various smoothie blending eighter thick or thin, cocktails, shakes, and much other great stuff you can think of.

 Come With Valuable Component Accessories

The valuable accessories  and components included in this  personal blender make it   to be more valuable to use anywhere, for example:

The Deluxe Shaker Bottle included is safe use it is 18-ounce size was made from high-quality plastic covered with medical-grade Tritan Eastman silicon gel the bottle is very thick, so it is break and leak-proof, odor-proof, dustproof, BPA Free, has an easy lock system, one-hand open system and 5 seconds dishwashing, made to last longer.

Blade: The blade has an optimum external thread design and it is easy to self-clean without cutting your fingers, easy to ring up, and can be dishwasher safe to use.

Motor:  it is made purposely to handle any kind of  food preparations,  and thanks to the

easy to clean blade this blender will quickly make you a thick smoothie, juice, nut butter, soups, source, mixture stuff, cocktails crush and pulverize ice, frozen, foods,  baby foods, and many more.

Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender
Oyeet Gopower Personal Blender

Very Convenient To Use

The personal blender is easy and convenient to use you can switch it on by turning the bottle on to lock and thanks to its built-in  1000W powerful motor it can handle any foods and pulverize ice or frozen foods,  veggie, smoothies, cocktails, soup, creams,  shakes, cereals, and leguminous foods within a couple of minutes.  It is versatile and portable it can be used even in your working place this is one of the best and ideal personal blenders for traveling.

 Pros And Cons Of The O’yeet Gopower Personal Blender


  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case of any issue with the product.
  • 100%  full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.
  • Unique look
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great


  •  An 18-ounce bottle is included
  • Limited edition

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 Buyers review

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The first thing I noticed was the weight of the base! it is heavy-duty there.  the motor is also very strong and you turn it on by pushing down on the cup not through a switch so therefore you must press down on the bottle to keep the blender running. It is safe and quick.

The blade design is also very clever adding more blades than other blenders I’ve seen. It makes smoothies very well and fasts a couple of pulses maybe a total of 30 sec and it is quieter than a blender for sure. however, I tried making a source with it  (albeit a thicker sauce) it had a little more trouble as I was tapping the bottle more in order to keep mixing.

The rubber sleeve around it makes it very easy to handle and not drop. the bottle is made of thick plastic. it is easy to clean if you do it right away,  the only thing I noticed was sometimes the rubber sleeve would get stuff in it and that was harder to clean. but it is dishwasherable safe so super easy there too.

It even came with a couple of booklet for smoothie ideas and best practice for which ingredients go in first which was thoughtful and again it is great for smoothies and it turns into a water bottle for, on the go, I would not use this for sauce and go with a puree-er there instead. The quality is well made.

D. Tran

Nice compact blender, been using this for a week to make protein smoothies with frozen fruit, water, or almond milk, a little ice,  and protein powder.

Smoothies come out smooth and the blender doesn’t have an issue with the frozen ingredients. easy to use, just fill up, a twist on the cap, and blend. Easy to clean as well.

my only wish is that the cup was a bit larger or they had a larger cup for purchase but I can’t really knock it since I knew the size when I bought it.

Is O’yeet Gopower A Good blender

This is a great blender from a great brand well known for their high-quality product offered to the buyers, so if you are looking for a valuable personal blender without breaking the bank for it, that will work, then  I would recommend this one.

  O’yeet Gopower Personal Blender Full Characteristics Review -Conclusion

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