Are you looking for a decent-quality laptop that can handle your heavy work at a reasonable price?   On this topic,  we do an in-depth review on the  BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop, one of the Best cheap  Intel Generation Laptop in the market now,  this review also includes video, image, and ratings from the users. 

About BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop

The latest BiTECOOL NesBook laptop comes with a sturdy design,   Full HD IPS high-quality display, equipped with Intel Celeron 1oth Generation  J4115 quad-core,  8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, Expandable up to 1TB, and an easy-to-type keyboard.

It has a lightweight ultra-thin body and a Microsoft licensed windows 10 including antivirus, already installed up and running ready to go.

 Bitecool Nesbook Specifications

Item model number NesBook
Hardware Platform PC
Operating System Windows 10
Item Weight 3.4 pounds
Dimensions 18.39 x 11.85 x 2.52 inches
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 4
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Hard Drive Interface Solid State
BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review -The Best Intel Generation Laptop
BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop


Power Source Battery Powered
Standing screen display size 15.6 Inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor 2.5 GHz Celeron
Memory Speed Hard Drive
Graphics Coprocessor Intel UHD Graphics 600
Chipset Brand Intel
Wireless Type Bluetooth, 802.11a
Global rating 4.8

BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review

The Bitecool is one of the latest with high-quality features,  an ultra-thin body, lightweight, compact, and versatile an ideal laptop for traveling, working, student and professionals.

The keyboard included is easy to use, has a lift design optimum, and a  stylish look, it’s very convenient to type. The laptop itself is about 3.4lb,  the thin part is about  8.8mm and the thickest part is just about 14mm, it’s easy to carry along in your bag.

Comes with a high-quality CPU inside that runs and renders any heavy app and software fast and smooth.

BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop
BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop


The Intel Quad-Core processor included is an effective one, the gorgeous-looking laptop is powered by the latest 10th Generation intel Gemini lake Celeron J4115  Core4 Threads, burst with a fast boosting frequency rate up to 2.5GH, so downloading and uploading won’t take hours.  The built-in  Intel UHD graphic 600 offers high visual quality anytime with maximum support included.   The multitasking laptop has a 4k response up to 60Hz and corresponds to the Geekbench, so this laptop is more powerful than the Intel 7th Generation Core i7-7Y75.

Large and enough memory capacity to store more of your important files, the laptop has LPDDR4, 8GB built-in memory enough to run and render fast and smooth.  However, the 256GB M.2  solid-state drive storage is expandable to up to 1TB which is more than enough space for a huge amount of files.

BiTECOOL NesBook  Computer Compared To  Other Intel Powered Laptops…

Like  N4120, N4100, N4000, N3450, N3350  is more powerful, it’s stand out and gives you high performance, here are some great features that  (Distinguish) this laptop among the rest of them.

Full HD  IPS Visual Quality

Enjoy high video and image quality even when surfing online thanks to the  1920 1080 pixel IP screen,  built-in Intel UHD Graphics 600,  4K  60Hz. The good-looking stylish laptop comes with a supreme ultra quality Full HD IPS display that lets you feel the real-life visual experience clearly.

Multi-Tasking system 

The laptop comes with speed boosting and an effective CPU  that permits the user to handle multiple tasks at the same time without jeopardizing the performance of the laptop.  Thanks to the built-in 10th  generation Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4115 4 Core thread that runs and delivers faster at the speed rate of about 2.5GHz helps you work faster. You can open multiple browsers,  Microsoft word,  surf online, stream on your social platforms, and more at the same time without running the laptop down.

Good Connectivity

The Good ultra-thin laptop comes with a good connecting system that makes it easy to use anywhere. It has Bluetooth wireless connecting system at a connecting speed rate of up to 802.11a, a Dual Band 2.4G/ 5G Wifi.  While the 2.5 GHz Celeron processor help to download and upload faster from various devices.  Plus the laptop comes with a  Microsoft licensed windows 10  and antivirus already installed on it ready to go, it supports Linux OS.

BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review -The Best Intel Generation Laptop
BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop

Good Battery Life

This laptop won’t fail you, no more battery running down faster. The lithium-ion battery included will serve you for a long time with just a single charge.  The reliable reachable lithium-ion battery will serve you for  34.2  and 8 hours working, surfing online, streaming, playing music, or watching the video.

The fast-charging system included helps to get the battery back to life faster in no time so that you carry on with your work.  However, the duration of the battery is varied and may even depend on your various settings, and usage.

Enough Large Space To Run Faster

This laptop comes with a large space for you to store  your valuable files and documents, a large built-in memory 8GB LPDDR4 and 256GB  M.2 solid-state drive storage expandable to 1Terabite  more than enough space to run the app, software  fast and smoothly

BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review -The Best Intel Generation Laptop
BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop

Versatile Compact

A Multiport and full-size keyboard laptop has a numbered pad easy to type, two USB 3.0  ports to connect with your various devices,  1 mini HDMI port to connect with TV or extra monitor,  1Micro SD port expandable up to 256GB, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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 10  key decision-making factors to choose a BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop

  1. More powerful than  Intel 7th generation
  2. Good battery life  make  it  valuable to use
  3. Versatile and compact  with  a  Microsoft licensed  windows  and anti-virus  already up and running
  4. Enough large space to run faster, plus memory is expandable  up to TBs
  5. Good connectivity  to download and upload  files faster, it won’t take hours
  6. Runs and boost  faster, thanks to the powerful Builtin  Inter 10th generation
  7.  Good looking design   ultra-thin  and lightweight bezel made from aluminum
  8. Full HD  visual  IPS 1920  1080  resolution pixel IP screen,  built-in Intel UHD Graphics 600,  4K  60Hz.
  9. Multi-tasking let you tackle multi-tasks at the same time
  10. Good wireless connectivity to surf or stream online
  11. Multi-port  and full-size keyboard
  12. It has an   exorbitant price
  13. Portable slim body  and lightweight

Pros And Cons Of The BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop


  • Unique look
  • It’s cheaper
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great
  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having issue with the product.
  • 100%  full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.


  • Limited Edition
  • Not convertible 
  •  Not from a well-known brand

Is BiTECOOL NesBook A Good Laptop Worth Buying?

I would say this is a great laptop from a great brand well known for their high-quality product offered to the buyers, so if you are looking for a valuable laptop without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one.

Conclusion-BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review -The Best Intel Generation Laptop

This post has help you with a thorough review of BiTECOOL NesBook Laptop Review -The Best Intel Generation Laptop for home and office including videos, ratings, and reviews from those that are using it.
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