Why Should I Buy A MacBook Over Regular Laptops?, wondering why is better to buy a MacBook over a normal regular laptop from the competitors?  Should you prefer a MacBook over other laptops and why?

When deciding on the best laptop, the Apple brand is known for being the highest in the computer industry and yet their product is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for though, let’s face it here,  the apple  MacBooks are recommended if what you want is a  reliable laptop for professional tasks.

Have you ever wonder why people like to have Macbook laptops over other regular laptop brands in the industry?  I tell you why on this topic!

As well as what you should consider before you go for any windows laptop or MacOS, uses this helpful guide here to make the perfect decision for your new laptop.

Why Should I Buy Apple MacBook Over Regular Laptops?

 The 4 main reasons  why  you want to buy the Apple  MacBook  over  regular  windows  is the fact that:

  1. MacBook performance is better 
  2. MacBook Boost The Creativity in You With Style
  3.  MacBook Have Better Software Over A Regular Laptop
  4. Unique Stylist and  Design, Macbooks are more effective, compact, versatile,  portable, and easy to carry.

1.1) Does MacBook Performance Is Better?

MacBook Performance is better, Macs are great for handling heavy professional software like that of video editors, music producers, or graphics designers, but not for heavy gamers though,  the Window is the best for gaming.

Thanks to Apple’s high-end Logic Pro power inside, the software, and the intuitive GarageBand app, let you get more done fast.

MacBook is a good laptop for photo and video editing, it features important apps like Final Cut Pro and Pixelmator.

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 2.2) Does MacBook Have Better Software Over Regular Laptops?

The  MacBook is equipped with better software and that is one of the important features that distinguish,  as well an optimum user experience.   The most important advantage of the MacBook is its ability to synchronize to your other devices easily.

MacBooks can synchronize easily to your iPhone and iPad fast.  With the macOS’ Handoff feature you can start a task on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch and finish it on your Mac. So you can also access accounts and other important things like calendars, contacts, notes, and text messages across devices, etc.

3.3) Does MacBook Enhance Creativity?

With style,  the apple MacBook boosts the creativity in you,  for instance, they are ideal for creative tasks such as photo video editing and also for music producers.  macOS Big Sur included, which is the latest major software and innovative update of recent gives you more creative experience including app icons and widgets for important things such as Messages and Mail.

And can quickly adjust things like brightness and music playback via a handy Control Center in the exact way you get down on your iPhone, the Mac Handoff is another great feature for iPhone users.

With macOS, you have access to most major web browsers, productivity suites, and creative applications,

MacBook is highly snappy for everyday web surfing, email, and basic office work.

Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip -Why Should I Buy Apple MacBook Over Regular Laptops?
Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip

4.4) Unique Stylist Design

Another why People buy Apple MacBook over regular laptops is their unique design, pretty, and aluminum body.

There is a belief that the Apple MacBook is better made, in terms of cosmetics and design is often better than many regular laptops, and this even increases the fact that  Apple MacBook is the premium brand in the industry.

What Are The pros and cons Of Apple Macbook Over Regular Laptops


  • Compatibility, versatility, and Unique Stylist  Design
  • MacBook  enhance your Creativity  with varieties of features included
  • MacBook Have Better Software Over  Regular Laptops?
  • MacBook Performance Is Better


  • The  MacBook s are not the cheapest laptop in the industry
  • Apple  MacBooks are not for gaming due to poor/inferior GPU’s graphic performance.
  • Macbooks are not easier to service, Apple tends to design its computers so that they are really hard to service.
  • Macbooks are so expensive to service or upgrade.
  • Macbook Encourages waste and consumerism because many apple MacBook models have glued-in components and proprietary components to deter the customer from upgrading themselves.
  • Apple macOS  doesn’t offer a touch screen -enabled on MacBook


 What Should I Consider When Buying Laptops?

There are lots of important factors to take into consideration like for instance, What type of processor and performance, software included, and as well at the type of graphic and capability of the connecting system available.

Here  are the most important and valuable things  to  put into considerations before buying  any laptop:  this is what I always   look for whenever I’m buying  a  laptop:

  • Normally a good  and reliable performance   should be  number 1#
  •  A reliable graphic  quality
  •  Good battery life
  •  Effective connecting system
  • Another one is that I should be able to upgrade the laptop easily without any issue.
  •  Warranty and   Good customer support in case I have any issues.


What Are Other Laptop Brands Compare Apple Macbook

Other important laptop brands compare  with  good products include:

The two picks for the best laptops you can buy overall, that are also convertible, included the  2-in-1 machines such as the Microsoft Surface Go 2 and HP Envy x360 13, which have incredible design detachable keyboards and are foldable.

What is the best laptop Recommended For Gaming?

The best laptop recommended for gaming without  breaking the bank include:

  1. Asus ROG – a top gaming laptop that can run gamut easy and smooth, the   Zephryus G14- equipped with Alienware  arena-51m
  2. Hp Zbook studio – also perfect video editing and graphic design.


What Are Pros and Cons Of Regular Laptops Over  Apple Macbooks?


  •  The good thing about having regular laptops is the fact that they can be upgraded.
  • And cost less than the Apple MacBook or pro ones and being a non-apple laptop,  they can be easy to repair,  and even by using  3rd party accessories like batteries, RAM, disks, screens, and more.
  •   These laptops can also run other different versions of windows,  like MS-DOS, LINUX, and many other operating systems.
  • Windows is more flexible than the two operating systems and comes optimized for touch on supported touch-screen laptops and convertible 2-in-1 devices.
  • Windows feature ( Your Phone ) is an app that lets you connect and synchronize to your Android apps and messages right from your laptop.
  • Windows laptops have access to thousands of top PC games across various marketplaces, including big blockbusters like The Witcher 3, Control, and Doom Eternal.


Windows 10 is the most popular operating system included

Variable laptops brands with a large variety of features to choose from.


Though there is no wrong option,  the regular windows laptops are more affordable than the Apple MacBook as you can see here. There are Phletorer as to why you should buy the MacBook to a regular laptop.

The regular windows laptop will let play games why the apple MacBook guaranty you an effective performance,  dynamic apps, and software you need to boost your creativity,  plus the ecosystem macs are  compact, versatile, and easy to synchronize with your iPhone and iPad,















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