Hi everyone and today I want to talk about the black screen issue on laptops, and how to fix it up,  on this topic, I show you why your laptop’s screen is black and how to fix the screen problem step-by-step by yourself.

So,  this tutorial is for you if your laptop is having a black pack on it, grey lines coming from the screen, or your laptop screen is blinking,  flicking hard, or laptop screen keeps dimming, flashing continuously, your laptop screen turns red, or look wavy, it can be very horrendous at times,  here are the best solutions to solve these problems,   let’s get started here, without any further ado.

Why Do My Laptop Screens Black, How Do I Fix It? 

 The common reasons why your laptop screen is black or having one of the issues stated above if because your laptop is probably or off, other issues included:  the brightness control has been turned down, have an external monitor and it is turned off,  or maybe the function button to black the screen has been pressed accidentally,  a brake issue in the internal Flex cable, your laptop screen is broken, or the graphics chip is broken,  all these and more plethoras of reasons are why your laptop screen is black, the good news is that though,  you can get it to fix up yourself, here are some of the way ways to fix dark screen options. 

How Do You  Fix It 

The common and obvious thing to do is to find answers to these questions:  Are You Sure it’s Not Caused  Due To The Recent Incident? , before going to the more technical stuff, what you want to do first is to know if your laptop’s black screen issue is due to the recent accidental fall, or maybe you recently dropped it or, sit on it incidentally recently?

Has any liquid enter into your laptop recently or has it been bent backward than normal, these are questions you won’t try to find out the answer to before moving on to the next solution, you want to try and make sure to look for an obvious cause and solution first.

If your laptop is dead and turn off, then it might not work, that is why you want to check to see if your the has its power, does it have a power source?

What Have You Done With Your Laptop Recently?  so, check and if nothing is so obvious or recent incident, then here is how you fix your laptop black screen issue.

How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Laptops

Follow these easy guides to fix your laptop black screen issue,  the helpful tips shared here will work for any no matter what type of laptop you are using,  is it work for you if your laptop screen is blank or won’t turn on at all, your laptop screen color suddenly changes, the laptop increasingly getting lower resolution, or your laptop screen has one side black or uses to flicker occasionally, your laptop is green, grey, or white, keep reading if you won’t know how to fix your laptop screen by your self without spending extra money.

Alas,  there is nothing to worry about,  here is an easy solution to this screen issue,  follow this easy guide to solve your laptop screen issue.

Fix your laptops using these tips here by HP support<<


Solution  1.1)  Does Your laptop Dead or In the off status?

Can you hear the sound of the fan turning around?  can you hear the mechanisms inside moving?

To try press your CAPS LOCK button and see if it illuminates.

Check the power socket to make sure it is switched ON  and the power block cables are securely fitted and the power jack and the socket are not faulty.

Check the   LED  lights on your laptop,  is it showing that is activity going on?  if not that means your laptop is not turned ON and getting power,  you cannot see any signs of light or hear any noises on your laptop then that could reason why your laptop screen is black.

Solution 2.2)   Did you turn down the brightness control on your laptop?

If the brightness control is been turned down on your laptop that might cause,  the shortcut keys on your laptop also known as  FUNCTION KEYS,  these shortcuts keys allow you to access certain functions such as your screen brightness.

Here is how to turn On brightness control on your laptop, in case maybe somebody tampered with your laptop has turned the brightness down, knowingly or unknowingly.

How Do you Turn On Brightness Control On Your Laptop?

Here is how you do it if you have power to your laptop and your laptop is turned on and running normally then try turning the brightness which is normally at the row above your numeric row and ranges from F1 to F12. FUNCTION KEYS  Turn the Brightness UP  and see if this resolves the issue.

Solution 3.3)  Are Using Your Laptop With External Monitor? 

If you are you are using your laptop with an external monitor might cause a black screen is if the external monitor is turned Off and the  VGA or HDMI cable is plugged into your laptop.

Here is What To Do

  •  Unplug the  external monitor plugged in as well as the  VGA or HDMI cable from your laptop
  • Check the monitor is receiving power or any indicator light to show it is alive, plug it in the socket switch it on, and see if turned on.
  • Check if the screen splashes with a logo or any other message on it when you turned on to get the monitor not to show a black screen you can also check the laptop output is correctly selected check if the output to the monitor is correct your laptop settings.
  •  Check if you are using  VGA,  is the  VGA input selected for input? or is an HDMI cable you is selected.
  •   You also want to check and see if you having a problem with your cable if your HDMI or VGA cable has suffered from some damage, and replace it with a good cable.

Solution 4.4)  – Inverter Laptop Screen Broken

Is the laptop Screen broken?  if the inverter laptop screen is broken or dead what you see is a very faint screen but the picture is still acting normally that might be due to the reason your laptop screen image is faint or difficult to see is down to a component called the FL Inverter.

 How Do You Know if a laptop’s FL Inverter Is Broken?

What are the common signs your laptop Inverter is broken?….

Here if are the common sign:

  • If you are having a faint screen but the picture is still acting normally, then Plug an external monitor into your laptop. Does a picture show on the external monitor? If it does that means your inverter is broken.

How Do You Replace FL Inverter on Laptop?

To replace the FL inverter on your laptop is very easy and you can even do it yourself,  here is the step by step to get it done. Follow this easy step anytime to fix your laptop screen black issue pretty easily.

1.)  Remove your inverter from your laptop.

2.) Find the serial number written on the inverter.

 Search for it online  and buy  then follow this video here down below

The video here



Solution 5.5)  The internal  Flex  cable break

prior to the FL inverter component, the internal Flex cable is another vital component that could cause a black screen,  Flex cable connects your motherboard onto your laptop screen,  it is responsible for the screen to operate correctly, and without Flex cable to the screen, itself may simply be loose.

How Do You Know if  Flex Cable Is Broken?

  •  If the Flex isn’t working normally you have common signs such as the screen brightness is down or the output is not set correctly.

How Do You Replace Your Flex Cable On Your Laptop

To replace the Flex  LCD display ribbon cable is easy,  follow this guide down below.   The cable connects from the motherboard to the back of the screen,   remove the display unit buy a replacement ribbon cable here, or search online for your laptop model.

 Follow this video to fix your Laptop Model By Yourself. 



Solution 6.6) –  Software Issue

For those who are using Windows laptops,  software issue is caused by your operating system when issues load during the post phase and pre-operating system test.

How Do You fix Black screen Software Issues?

  •  Booting  it up to a Boot Disc help determine  if it’s a software issue, it also helps checks to see if either your operating system or a driver issue is  the cause
  • If you are able to boot to a recovery disc or to a boot CD or boot USB back, thus recover the latest video driver or look for a windows patch and update.

Conclusion: Why Do My Laptop Screens Black, How Do I Fix It? 

The common reasons why your laptop screen is black is because the brightness control has been turned down, have an external monitor and has been turned off,  the function button to black the screen has been pressed accidentally,  a broken internal Flex cable, the screen is broken, or the graphics chip is broken,  here you have it, now you know what could be the cause and how to fix your laptop black screen,  hope this post helps you solve your laptop screen black issue If you have any questions comments or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks.

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