Wondering why your laptop is making ( a head of noise)? I know how ridiculous it is when to use a buzzing noisy laptop for work.

The causes of the buzzy sound might be the hard disk inside or the cooling fan, but hey, alas,  the good news is that there are ways to do justice to it.

In this topic I show easy ways to do it step by step, here is how you can prevent your laptop from buzzy noise and let work perform better,  keep reading if you really want to why your laptop keeps making noise and how to fix it.

Why’s My Laptop Making Noise, How Do I Fix It?

Your laptop noise-making is probably due to cooling fan noise,  or the hard disc inside your laptop. 

Since the laptop processor itself  has a maximum operating temperature which, if exceeded, will likely cause damage to the microelectronics inside the chip, so 

 the cooling fan help to cool down the processor,  chips, and other important component hardware inside your laptop.

How To Fix It

 If the noise is from the fan, what you want to do is to check check if there is anything blocking air space and the proper rotation of the cooling fan.

You also want to clean the dust inside verify nothing is blocking the air to flow in and out. 

If the buzzy noise is from a hard disk,  then what you want to do is, open up the back case and check if anything is loose or the cushioning for a hard disk is intact.

 You also want to keep the cover open turn the laptop back on and check if that solves the problem, or if there is minimum reduction.

 The last you want to do is if the issue continues, or if there’s any specific part hot on your laptop, so you want to turn it off, the location where the heat comes from, and consult a  technician.

Here is the best and easiest guide to fix noise issues on your laptop, follow these tutorials whenever you want to do it, before anything or taking it to the technician.

How To Fix Laptop Making Noise

Your laptop make noise probably because the processor has been working very hard for an extended period of time it will heat up, and the temperature sensor will cause the fan to turn on, roll in fresh air from outside the case, and pull it over the processor and thus push the strong heat back outside fast in other to prevent burnout.

 What Does A Cooling Fan Do On A Laptop?

A cooling fan help to prevent overheating that can cause burnout on a laptop, a cooling normally has several speeds and control level to draw more fresh air in and heat away out fast preventing burnout.

Solution – 1.1)  Don’t Cover Your Laptop.

Sometimes though the temperature of a laptop may get very hot and that is because the fans do not draw enough heat out and the sensor may force the whole system to go to sleep to cool down the laptop and gain to prevent the laptop from burnout.

Nevertheless,  this can only happen unless if the air passageway is somehow blocked with dirt or the laptop is in an environment where the ambient temperature of the air is so hot that it cannot sufficiently cool the processor or maybe you cover up your laptop or use it in a cover place where is no free flow of enough fresh air.

For instance,  if the laptop is running in a closed drawer, the air in the whole drawer may heat up obviously. Use your laptop on a surface where it can easily y dissipate excess m strong heat and roll in the more fresh air inside.

Lifting your laptop for a few moments in other to verify whether the air beneath it flow naturally.

You want to also make ensure that you are laptop on a hard,  free airflow surface where the fan is not obstructed by any object.

Solution – 2.2)  Clean The Cooling Fan Regularly.

Make sure the cooling is always cleaned up regularly, I mean this is a very important component that prevents your laptop from converting, make sure is no dust which is a common cause of laptop noises on laptops, the dusty blockage can cause issues to your system in various ways including obstructing your laptop’s cooling fan to work freely,  hence causes it to make loud noises.

How To Clean Your Laptop Cooling Fan.

  •   The cooling fan on your laptop should be dusted off and cleaned up every 6 or yearly.
  •  And to clean up the processor cooler is pretty easy you just need to open up your laptop using a screwdriver and use a blower to remove all dust particles, done, and good to go.
  • If you are not a technical skill person though,  or you don’t feel confident opening up your laptop, then let them do it for you once in a while send it to the nearest engineer around.
  • Better still you can ask a friend or family member to help you.

 By the way, here is how you open up your laptop on this video Enjoy <<


  • Getting an additional cooler is also recommended if you’re a professional or your job requires you to run many processes at once, your using heavy apps or software for your professional work, that may cause hugely heat up your processor, or for instance, if you a gamer and with that gaming app can heat up your laptop. With additional cooler will reduce the noise drastically, because your laptop fan won’t have to work so hard anymore, so the noise will be reduced.

Solution – 3.3)  End Tasks Running In The Background

End all the background tasks to solve your laptop buzzy noise issue,  because if you have many browser tabs and software running, or many processes running in the background, you might be overburdening your laptop’s processor and RAM and causing it to overheat. So the obvious and common thing to do is to end these processes that are running.

 How To End  Running Tasks On Your Laptop

Here is the easiest guide to end background running processes on your laptop, follow these guides whenever you want to do it.

  •  Go to  TASK MANAGER to end  processes, and lunch it
  • by holding CTRL + Alt + Del.
  •  Right-click on a process, and click END TASK   on the items you use.

 Solution -4.4)  Scan Your Laptop Regularly Against Malware

Another important way to prevent your laptop from any sort of issue is to scan your laptop regularly to prevent it from malicious damage,  see malware is one of the chiefs to loud fan noises as it can increase a laptop’s working temperature and cause it not to response sometime or freezing,  commands issue and incorrectly.

I know am also guilty of this, as a laptop owner this should be our priority, carrying out antivirus on outer laptops is crucial for security and maintenance, we shouldn’t overlook this.

How To Check For Malware On Laptop

You may or may believe this, If you install antivirus for the first your laptop may already be infected.

So here is how  you can go about checking it out:

  1.  Go to the  PROCESS tab   of your laptop
  2. Then  TASK MANAGER  by  holding CTRL + Alt + Del
  3.  You should see some sort of unknown letters,  arrangements,  strangely named processes are all signs of virus or malware presence.

Conclusion: Why’s My Laptop Making Noise, How Do I Fix It?

So, the reason why your laptop is noise-making is due to the cooling fan,  or the hard disc inside your laptop. 

Hope this post helped you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks.

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