When your window laptop started freezing, before you throw it out of the window, here is what to do to fix it by yourself, we (Selffixes.com)  give you a helpful tutorial to save your freezing laptop without taking it to the technician.

The guide share here will work for all types of windows laptops including 7, 8,  10, or 11.   A  windows laptop freezing might be a hardware or software issue,  follow this easy tutorial step-by-step to solve your laptop freezing anytime you want to do it.

 Why Is My Windows laptop Freezing?

Your laptop freezing might be software, hardware, or not enough space to run and render,  other reasons include when you are running multiply tasks (open up multiple Browsers), you are having many startup programs on your laptop, when your laptop might get a virus or when loading heavy games software which can cause overheating these might occur when you are playing a particular game on your laptop,  then the game seems to lock one image on the screen, and seem to lock up or your laptop is blocked from allowing fresh air inside, if you are using any pirated version of windows then it must also cause your laptop to freeze or slow down the speed.

How To fix it

In a nutshell, you can try this if you are having many programs which start when you boot up your pc.

  • Press Ctrl + Left Shift + Esc Key in windows
  • And go to the startup tab to see the program which starts on booting.
  • Your Laptop Must have had an OS for which it was not built
  • Which can cause low performance.

 Remove temporary files on your laptop.

  • And to remove all the temporary files stored in your laptop HDD/SSD
  •  Press Win + r Key  together
  • Then a small  folder should popup
  •  Type  %temp%  on it
  • And a folder will be opened to make sure you delete all those files
  • What are those files all about? they are  the temporary file (not important files they were made by some programs for temporary use)

 Shift to SSD instead of using hard disk

You will have to shift to the  Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of the regular Hard Disk, why is that?    the reason why is that its speed is very slow compared to Solid State Drive. There are many mechanical parts.  Here are are other easy ways to fix your freezing laptop.

How to Fix a freeze laptop step by step.

So to fix your frozen laptop, the first thing you want to do is try to turn it off by holding the power button down and keep holding it down until the device powers off.

If for some reason your laptop still won’t power off, it’s advised to unplug the power adapter and then remove the battery, but your device should power off no matter what even if OS has crashed or not, it might take some seconds though. 

But what about a laptop that doesn’t have a removable battery?

If in case, you have a laptop that doesn’t have a removable battery, removing the power plug and waiting for the battery to die is advised.


Better still you can unscrew the bottom plate of the laptop, you should be able to physically disconnect it from the device, most laptops have the battery accessible beneath the bottom cover some hide it under the keyboard.

Solution – 1.1)   Free More Space On Disk

One of the reasons why your laptop keeps freezing might be not enough space,  if it’s a windows laptop you want to make sure that it has enough  RAM and free disk space to run and render faster.

How to do disk cleanup to free more space on a windows laptop?

Here is how you can free more space on your laptop disk and fix freezing.

  • In your windows laptop right-click computer management
  • On the General tab click disk cleanup
  • On the next window click to clean up system files
  • Tick  windows update cleanup
  • Select any others you fancy too  Click OK
  • Confirm and then wait for a second to execute.
  • Reboot your laptop and see if that resolves the issue.
  • If you have an HDD and not an SSD – check the disk for errors then defrag.

A quick heat up here

Please Not that a 10-year-old laptop running up-to-date software will freeze or even struggle If the Ram is below 4–8 GB that will contribute to network pausing and freezing especially if you have less than 20% free space on or if you are having a relatively small HDD.


What is the Recommended space Gigabyte for a windows laptop?

Nevertheless, the recommended space for a windows laptop to run and render fast is  4 to 8GB because Google Chrome and other browsers, apps, and software make use of the HDD to run and render faster, so, if your laptop RAM gets full, it might sometimes freeze your laptop for minutes. open just a few tabs and see if you can upgrade your laptop up to at least  4 to 8GB.

Solution-2.2) Clean, dust, and tidy up your laptop

This is another and one of the obvious tips to fix and to prevent your laptop from freezing, always check out if you have a mouse or trackpad dirty, check if you are using a wired mouse make sure it’s plugged in tight to the USB port firmly.

If using a wireless mouse,  check and make sure the battery is fresh or fully charged. 

What is the primary cause of the freezing system On the laptop?

Overheating might be the primary cause of the freezing system on laptops, this happens if your laptop is blocked by dust,  using it in an environment where there is no free flow of fresh air or if never clean the insides.

Dust and grime build-up on your laptop can cause it to overheat more frequently even with greater frequency as the problem continues to grow.

What can you do?

Cleaning the inside of your laptop regularly  (at least once in  6  or 12 months) and replacing the internal cooling fan if needed to be replaced is the best to keep your laptop from overheating, here is how to clean your laptop. 

Solution -(3.3) Make sure drivers are up-to-date

A driver corruption or error can cause freeze and slow down your laptop, so make sure you are using up-to-date drivers for all hardware.

Also check your registry for faults. The longer you have had a machine, the more programs that have been installed and uninstalled, eventually enough clutter gets left in the registry that it can cause errors.

If this has gone on to a point where it’s too hard to fix the solution is to simply wipe the hard drive and install the OS fresh. New OS, new registry, no leftover errors. Then update to the latest drivers here is how to do that here. 

Conclusion: Why Is My Windows laptop Freezing

So as you can see here there are a plethora of reasons why your laptop might freeze up include hardware and software issues, follow the easy guide here to fix your laptop first, before taking it to the technician.

Hope this post helps you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks.

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