How Do I Choose The Best Charger For My Laptop Model?, it an often asked, and this is another great question that I  do like to give it a shot here, and since the ( Adapter) charger is one of the important accessories for our laptop,  without it or a compatible and efficient one, the laptop battery cant be charged, and if we lack power in our laptops,  no way, it’s useless.

why is charger important in laptop?

The charger is important because it helps convert the electricity from the wall outlet into a form that’s usable for the laptop to function properly, plus it is what the laptops rely on to power on.

The 2 main power sources for laptops include:

The AC adapter and the DC Adapter are the  2 main power sources of the laptop and that is what makes me want to share with you, the best and easy tips to guide you anytime you want to buy a new charger for your laptop.

No matter whether your former charger is old and needs to change or you lost the laptop charger or its gets burnout.

You can follow this easy guide to get yourself the best and right charger that will work perfectly well with your laptop model,  so without any (furthering do ), let’s get started here.

But, first I’m just going to outline what exactly you need to look for when buying, and also recommendations for the best charger that can go well with your laptop model, Following the best way to choose a perfect laptop charger is easy, and here is what to look for.

How Do I Choose The Best Charger For My Laptop Model?

 The 4 and most important things to into consideration when buying a new charger  for your  laptop include: 

  • Check if the original is available in the market. 
  • The Wattage compatibility 
  • Is Voltage the same?
  • And the Connector Pin. 

What to consider when choosing the right charger for your laptop model

1.1)  Check  If the original is available in the market. 

Whether it’s online or you’re buying it in a physical store,  the first thing to look for is if the original is available.  If it is available, then, there you get it,  if it’s not,  follow this guide here to get the compatible charger for your laptop. The alternative is the compatible 0nes which comes in handy in a situation where laptop manufacturers stopped manufacturing the original laptop charger for their laptop models.

 2.2)  The Wattage (Watt) Compatibility 

Before the compatible one, you want to make sure that the watt is compatible with your laptop model.

 what is watts in a laptop?

Watt is the overall power that the battery supports,  so,  your laptop’s power capacity is in a nutshell.  With that said,  you want to make sure that you are going for the exact watts compatible with your laptop model.

 Where Do I find the watts info?

It doesn’t matter the laptop brand you have whether it’s Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and the rest of them you can find the watts info on the laptop charger.

3.3)  Is Voltage the same

You also want to make sure that they both have the same voltage, the voltage of a charger needs to match perfectly with the required voltage of the laptop.

You can find the technical information on the laptop charger, it also includes Ampere, and, Watt.

Here are different laptop chargers you can Go for At a reasonable price you won’t regret it <<==


    Buying laptop Charger Online Vs The physical shop

I would say both of them have their value and online is great is you can find what you want near you  Or you have less time to go to the physical shop.

But,  remember though, that when we buy online, many websites will sell only brick,   and since laptop chargers are typically are two components the brick and the power cord, you might get just only the brick.

and this one takes me to the connector pin……

And the Connector Pin. 

This is also known (plug )  commonly use on laptops,  and since the connector are vary depending on the type of laptop you using,   different laptops vary, though many fast-charging devices today come with flat USB-C type pins as well. So, you want to make sure that the rounded small pin, cylindrical connector tips that are commonly used on most type of laptop devices is compatible with the laptop model.

Final thought

Here you get it, folks, the 4 basic things to consider when choosing your laptop charger.

Here is the recap

How Do I choose The Best Charger For My Laptop Model?

  • So, you want to check if the original is available in the market.
  • Look for the   compatibility of the Wattage
  • Is Voltage the same?
  •  And the Connector Pin.

Check and see the connector type of the charger to your laptop charging port. They must match with each other to ensure that the adapter can plug into the laptop.

As well as the voltage and watts of the battery  need to match the requirements of the laptop otherwise it works or  m may malfunction  with your laptop

So,  you should always check first the laptop model number and power requirements, you can find the service info normally it should be attached at the back of your Laptop or the brick of the power charger.

Hope this post help you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks.

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