How do I repair a laptop adapter damaged by voltage fluctuations?  better still, this can also be referred to as a laptop adapter with an unstable power source that is when the power becomes low than usual or when the charger begging to malfunction.

Here is what to do to repair it,  follow this easy guide here step by step whenever you are having this problem.  on this topic,  you will discover the easy and effective way to repair your laptop adapter damaged by a  bad power fluctuation.

How to Repair a Laptop Adapter Damaged By Voltage Fluctuations

  • Discharge  the adapter  from  the  socket  make  sure it is unplugged 
  • Open the rectangular  Box 
  • Diagnoses the Fuse and the capacitor 
  • Replace the fuse or capacitor 
  • Or
  • Buy a new adapter compatible with your laptop brand

There you get it in a nutshell,  but before jumping into the full details, let’s get to know what really is adapter does in a laptop.

What is a laptop adapter?

A laptop adapter is an important rectangular box in your laptop charger, it’s the one responsible for the power transportation,  however,  the transformer used is a step-down transformer, it’s very important because without it a laptop can not recharge and power.

The rectangular box called adapter has a valuable component that lowers the voltage from 220V AC to 18.5–19 V DC so that the laptop battery can charge,  works properly, and gets the power needed.

When a laptop adapter is affected by a power fluctuation the most common and obvious fault most time is the capacitor.

What if it burned out

But if it’s burned out, the common sign that makes it obvious for you to think it is burnt is the smell, and in most times the liquid electrolyte gushing out from the busted capacitor.

So what can you do

So, if it’s not burnout and you are lucky enough it’s only the capacitor issue,   here is how to fit your laptop adapter with capacitor problem.

Discharge the laptop adapter from the socket make sure it is unplugged.

Diagnoses the Fuse and the capacitor

Diagnoses the fuse is the first thing you want to do so to be sure they are working ok,  however,  if the fuse is working fine,  then move on and check the rectifier, check the d.c and the a.c leg, then the Transistor, check if the 3 legs read very well, if there’s a problem, try to change it , and if there’s no problem,  check the filtering capacitor and replace it if there any issue.

 Removing  the capacitor

When you Open the charger,   look for the largest cylindrical component inside, in most cases,   you can sight the capacitor by the damage right off.

The next thing you want to do is to remove the capacitor, by using your soldering iron.

Be painstaking when you remove it by heating the pinpoints of the capacitor on the other side of the board gently.



Replace the capacitor  with a new one

To properly replace the damaged capacitor you want to make sure you take the specifications “µF and v”    get a new capacitor compatible with the damaged one.

Replace with the exact rating,  take note of the positive and negative legs while replacing.

Then close the box when you finish soldering and test your work (the adaptor), does is it work?.

Buy new adaptor compatible

If it works, congratulation you just repair your laptop adaptor by yourself,   it doesn’t, then probably might be something worse and the best advice is to buy a new adapter compatible with your laptop brand.

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Final thought

How Do I Repair a Laptop Adapter Damaged By Voltage Fluctuations

  • Discharge  the adapter  from  the  socket  make  sure it is unplugged
  •  Open the rectangular  Box
  • Diagnoses the Fuses and the capacitor
  • Replace the fuse or capacitor
  • Or
  • Buy a new adapter compatible with your laptop brand

There you get folks the easy step-by-step guide to Repair a laptop adapter damaged by voltage fluctuations,  follow these steps whenever you have this kind of problem in your laptop adaptor.

Hope this post helps you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks.

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