• Are you using the right and exact compatible power adapter of your laptop brand?
  • The reason why your laptop power adapter is weak might be due to power fluctuation.
  • Check if the fuses, Rectifiers, Regulators, and filters are working ok. 

There are a plethora of reasons why your laptop adapter power is weak but let’s get to know what a  laptop adapter means here before jumping into the various reason why it’s weak.

What is a laptop power adaptor?

A laptop adaptor is a box-like component that allows your laptop to power on,   in order words a laptop adapter is responsible for powering and charging your laptop’s battery, through a direct current or DC.

What is the work of the laptop adapter?

The work of the laptop adapter is to convert the readily available AC to DC in order to charge your laptop’s battery and power on your laptop in a nutshell. Without it your laptop battery is useless, you need a  standard power adapter the one compatible with your laptop brand to function properly.

A laptop without an irregular power adapter might experience malfunctioning such as overheating,  freezing,  or laptop not power at all.  That is why you need a compatible power adapter regulated for your laptop brand from the manufacturer.

What is included Inside the laptop power adapter box?

The internal components of the laptop power adapter ( Box ) contain several power electronics like:

  • Rectifiers
  • Regulators and filters
  • and also a transformer.


The  Transformer included inside is where the conversion takes place, this a very important for turning out AC to DC. It’s pretty heavy and accounts for most of the weight of the adapter.

Should I use a different Power Adapter for my laptop

Since the power adapter can converts an AC signal of any voltage and frequency to output the required DC, though your laptop might charge and power, because of the conformity design of the laptop power adapter, regardless of the type of AC used. It’s highly advised to always use the same laptop adapter that has the same compatibility with your laptop brand.

How Do you Know The Compatibility Of My Laptop Power Adapter?

Its also known as the specification this can be very important, for instance, when replacing an old laptop adapter.

Here is how you know the compatibility of your laptop power adapter.

Look at the back of your laptop you should find it there, it’s a piece of useful information where you find say something  Like Power (Input and output) specifications.

This information should be seen clearly at the back of your laptop,   each and every laptop brand are different, so you want to make sure to go for the exact compatible one for your laptop.

Why Does My Laptop Adapter Power is Weak
Why Does My Laptop Adapter Power is Weak

What is the important thing to look for when replacing a laptop power adapter?

  • Look for a  reliable and reputable brand with a standard adapter available possible, low-quality brands often time do not supply what is written on the label, so be careful full to fall for them.
  • You want to look for an adapter with the same number of volts matching what it says on the back of your laptop.
  • You want to make sure that the wattage is equal but not higher than the wattage your laptop takes.
  • Even half a volt can damage your device, so make sure it’s exactly the same, make sure it isn’t less either.
  • Look for a power adapter with the exact compatibility within your laptop battery Watt  ( which is V*A).

Can a Power adapter prevent laptop battery from charging?

Yes of cause yes,  a  power adapter is one of the components that can stop a laptop battery from continuing charge.

Since the power adapter is responsible for power and changing, this can happen when detecting that the battery is full. then the adapter can discontinue from continuing to charge the batteries.

Another reason could be the motherboard issue of the adapter, next thing to do is to check the fuses,  Rectifiers, Regulators, and filters and see if there is any issue there.  Then you will have to replace the motherboard if the problem is from the contained charger circuit on the motherboard that detects when the batteries are full.

Why Does My Laptop Adapter Power is weak?: Final thought

  •  Are you using the right and exact compatible power adapter of your laptop brand?

Probably are you are not using the right one and the exact one compatible with your laptop brand.

  • The reason why your laptop power adapter is might be due to power fluctuation. 

Power fluctuation might have affected the motherboard of the power adapter which can be even obvious when you can smell the burnout around the box.

  •  Check if the fuses, Rectifiers, Regulators, and filters are working ok. 

Then the last thing you want to do is to open the box up gently check the fuse, the rectifiers, and filters to see if they are working ok if not,  buy a new power adapter compatible with your laptop brand.


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