Improve your laptop’s wifi reception fast with these tips. 

  • Use  High antenna speed 
  • Troubleshoot the Router 
  • Place your wifi router  in the center
  • Update your wifi  Router firmware.
  • You can use the MAC Address filter
  • Is your wifi router running on  2.4 GHz or  5 GHz?

There are a plethora of ways to improve your laptop wifi reception. The better one of them though is to either buy a  wireless card or a better antenna and replace them with the new one.

But how do you do that?   well, here is how you can do it yourself.

Do  it  Yourself

The wireless card can be easily replaced by taking out your laptop mini  PCIe card. Note: that most WLAN  adapters are not built into the mainboard or you can use a  USB   wireless adapter instead, so,  you want to also put that in mind,   Most  PCLe wireless cards use  u.fl connectors for connecting an external antenna just like the ones built into normal computers.

So,  you can improve the wireless performance of your laptop tremendously by taping a pair of   FPC  antennas to the lid and checking it out if that improves the wifi performance of your laptop,  if that doesn’t help, then you may want to try out these tips down below.

What you want to do here when your laptop wifi is slow is to get your laptop checked up by a trusted technician or check if it’s under warranty then you can return back to the manufacturer so that they can replace it for you because if it still under warranty there is no need for you to take to the technician that will cost you extra money and most importantly most all laptop today have normal stable and strength wifi reception system.

#1.) Use  High antenna speed

Use a higher antenna speed,  for instance,  you may want to get your wifi antenna changed from 2 dB us a  9  dB antenna instead and see if your laptop wifi reception is still weak.

Other important tips to improve your laptop wifi reaction  include:

#2.) Troubleshoot the Router

To troubleshoot your internet router,  you want to go into the wifi router setting and under the wireless setting,   you want to change your channel upward like let’s say  11   or 13, and check how it goes,  does that improve the wifi reception?  if not let’s try this here.

#3) Place your wifi router  in the center

Place your wifi router in the center of the house so that you can leverage the maximum coverage and see if it improve wifi reception.

Ways to Improve Your laptop's Wi-Fi Reception Fast
Ways to Improve Your laptop’s Wi-Fi Reception Fast

#4) Update your wifi  Router firmware.

If that does improve it then let’s try to update your wifi router firmware,  you can do this yourself,   here is how to do it, if in case you don know how to do it on your laptop brand or you can just take your laptop to the nearest laptop technician near your and ask the technician to do it for you.

#5) You can use the MAC Address filter

You can use MAC Address filter,   often time, someone in your family might be using the internet like doing heavy and intense downloading going on so,   it might due to that which you might be getting slower wifi reception and speed, I tell you this can slow your wifi down tremendously.

So, what can you do?   what you may want to do is,  you can use a MAC   address filter if you want only certain people to use your network,     you can the nearest technician around you to help check it,   or if you know how to do it that is fine, then, go ahead,  this very crucial if you want to improve your laptop wifi reception.

 #6) Is  your wifi router running on  2.4 GHz or  5 GHz

The next thing you also may want to do is to check whether your wifi router is running on  2.4 GHz or    5 GHz,  however,   if the 5 GHz is checked then use  2.4 GHz   Note; though that the band 2.4GHz  wifi is what most devices run on, so you want to make sure you leverage that checks if the wifi reception on laptop improves.

Ways to Improve Your laptop’s Wifi reception Fast: Final thought

There you get it folks,  the easy tips, and Ways to Improve Your laptop’s Wifi reception Fast with no hassle,  you can try any one of the tips here and improve your laptop performance in no time.

Hope this post helps you and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Please use the social buttons to share this post with others thanks.

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