1. Might be an  IP  address conflict, it does make laptop wifi stop when switching on the PC. 
  2. You are not Making use of the Laptop Wifi  Stopper application 
  3. Or maybe you are using old devices. 

As a laptop user, you can come across this problem where the Wi-Fi suddenly stops working when switching on the computer. This is a major issue because now you will have to somehow connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable, or you may have to buy a new Wi-Fi adaptor.

This often time happens to be me, sometimes when I switch on my pc computer, then my laptop wifi will stop working, I then try to switch it off the pc and my laptop wifi starts to work normal back again.

When I did my research to find out what could be happening,  then I found that what caused the wifi to come and go is an existing IP address conflict.

So,  if you are experiencing this kind of problem on your devices,  here is how to solve it and get your laptop working normally.

 How to Solve  IP address conflict between laptop And PC

IP  address conflict between a laptop and your pc can be an incredibly frustrating experience for users. Not only is it difficult to find a solution how to fix the problem, but it can also be very time-consuming to go through the process of buying and setting up a different Wi-Fi adaptor, according to Braden Dodge ( an Experienced computer technician with a love of WiFi networks), said his frustration can be put at ease with this quick and simple solution. Make sure you have your laptop choose an access

Solve an IP address conflict…

  1. by choking both your PC IP addresses settings by going to  NETWORK AND SHARING  CENTER  in the   Start Menu.
  2.  Then change the Adapter settings on the Left-hand pane, right-click the active network connection, choose properties and then double-click internet protocol version  4.
  3. However, if there is a  manual address write it down in case you need to set it back to it later, then choose to Obtain an  IP address automatically.

Please  Note though that…..

By default,  routers use  DHCP   also known as  ( Dynamic host configuration protocol)  to automatically assign  IP Address to devices on the network.  when a  user chooses to instead manually assign addresses to each device then it’s a static address.

After you finish doing this for each device, then the next to do is to reboot the,  and check if the problem is solved, if not try this one here.

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Make Use Of the Laptop Wifi Stopper

 The laptop wifi stopper is a  free application that helps you automatically detect when your   PC  turns on,    it disconnects any active wifi connections and turns off the network switch on the latop, so now you can safely use your   PC    without affecting the wifi signal to the laptop.

Why Does My Laptop Wi-Fi Stop When I Switch On My PC
Why Does My Laptop Wi-Fi Stop When I Switch On My PC

 Buy a new one

It’s annoying and inconvenient to have to constantly deal with this problem,  if your device is old why not get a new one?

 If your laptop’s Wi-Fi stops working every time you power up your PC,  see, new laptops are so much more than just a way to type. When you buy a new laptop you’re getting a machine that is fast enough for all your needs,  go for a laptop that has dual-band Wi-Fi for seamless connections,   go for a laptop that is made for professionals and reliable.

Why Does My Laptop Wi-Fi Stop When I Switch On My PC:  final thought

  •  Its  because you have an Ip  Address conflict
  • You are not Making use of the Laptop Wifi  Stopper application
  • Or  you are  using old  devices

 This is an absolute nightmare,  watching your laptop’s Wi-Fi stop as soon as you switch on your PC makes it difficult to complete tasks at home or work. It’s a never-ending cycle of frustration and being unable to work or be online,  so, folks these are the reason why and that is how you solve the problem by yourself before taking it to the technician to look it up for you.


Hope this post helps you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Please use the social buttons to share this post with others thanks.

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