As a student, you may ask yourself, “Why I Am not fully Concentrated During Study.”

 Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain focus while studying, exams, or working.

There are many factors that can play into your level of concentration, from stress to doing too much thinking rather than focusing.

 In this topic, we discuss why and how to regulate yourself and increase concentration.  

Here are why and some incredible tips that can help you with full concentration.

Why I Am Not Fully Concentrated During Study?

  1. Are you studying with your smartphone or laptop devices
  2.  You don’t have a goal set out 
  3. Take a break refresh but don’t use the internet 

1. Are you studying with your smartphone or laptop

Though both are very important for your project, if you don’t take care if you always studying using your smartphone or laptop, you will never be fully concentrated.

 What can you do?

Since your laptop and smartphone are the first cause of distraction to your study, if you want to use them, begin by using a stopwatch before you start to do anything at all.

Use a timer set for 20 minutes to focus while studying, taking breaks that are at least 5 minutes long during study time

In this way, you will have the knowledge and a quantitative measure of your time spending to keep your smartphone away or keep it in a room far away from you won be hearing the message or the call.

But what if you have to study From Your Phone

If you have to study from your cell phone, then disable all the notifications. That way you won’t be distracted by messages and calls.

2. You don’t have a goal set out

How can you be focused when you don’t have a goal? You need a schedule that will keep you on track as a student?

You want to make sure you write down all your goals on a piece of paper and track them every day as you move forward.

With that, you challenge yourself because you have a plan. It’s that plan that will keep you focused on your studies every time.

You won’t sleep or slumber and even whenever you sleep or are distracted, just spells a cold of water into your eyes, this one helps too, when you set a goal then you have a plan, that will help you visualize what you are doing and what you should be doing.

3. Take a break refresh but don’t use the internet

Whenever you take a break, don’t ever use the internet to refresh yourself,

But what do you use?

What you want to use and which is the best method is the Old school Method, which includes:

  • Listening to download music
  • Taking a walk
  • Reading books that you like
  • or talking to a friend on a call, these are the best and coolest ways to refresh and rejuvenate your mind back to your studies. 

Do away from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter to refresh your brain.

It may sound daunting or think like you are missing something. Let me tell you this though, as a student nothing is so as important as your studies.

Here is how to concentrate on studying for long hours <<==



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