Why Does My Laptop Wifi  Only work  after I troubleshoot it

We all have a laptop, and we all know that there are moments when it just won’t work. Maybe the battery is low, or maybe you aren’t in the same wireless coverage area.

 However, there’s one problem that seems to come up more than any other: somehow your laptop’s Wi-Fi just stopped working. Whether it’s an inconvenience for you or for your customers, the reality is that one of the most irritating things about Wi-Fi is that it just doesn’t work sometimes

Fret not! With this article, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues on your laptop like a pro statistician, so that you never have to disconnect again.

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These are great tips for you if especially your laptop wifi only works when you troubleshoot the internet connection every few minutes or if your laptop says (  Default gateway is not available )  so, here are the simple tips to resolve this problem once and forever.

Why Does My Laptop Wifi  Only work after I troubleshoot it

 The  problem  might due  to: 

  1. IP  Address  issue 
  2. Resolve the DNS   issue 
  3. The driver’s issue 
  4. Internal wifi  issue 
  5. Malware and virus issues 
  6. A corrupt window issue 
  7. Network issues 
  8. Other devices   issue
  9. Electric  issue
  10. Your modem  or  router

 How to resolve your  laptop  wifi won’t work till after  troubleshoot

  Resolve IP  Address  issue

The first tip is that you can try is to set the static IP address,   if you don’t know how to do that here is it?

Then, try that and check your laptop wifi if it works or not,  does that solve the problem?

Resolve the DNS   issue

If it doesn’t work,  let’s try flushing the  DNS using cmd here is how to do that.

You can then check if that solves the problem.

Resolve the driver’s issue

However, if it still doesn’t work then its time to try and reinstalling the drivers, what we are talking about here are the wifi drivers compatible with your laptop brand.  Here is how to do that. 

And then check if that resolves the problem.

 Resolve internal wifi  issue

If it still does not work,  you may want to try this then. Get yourself a   new wifi  USB adapter and turn off or disable your laptop’s internal wifi device.  And check your laptop, does it work?.

Ok,   do not panic,  but let’s try this if it still doesn’t work.

 Resolve malware and virus issues

On that note, you want to make sure you have a   reliable antivirus installed on your laptop,   if not try

to get one and scan your laptop for any malware or virus that can be causing issues, and check back again if that resolves the issue.  Does that solve the issue?  if not let’s try this one then.

 Resolve a corrupt window issue

If you are using windows,  it might be the fact the operating system on your laptop is corrupt, you can try to download and repair your laptop with  SFC or Scannow and  DISM.

Does that make it work?   If it   doesn’t  work   then the  problem  might be  one  of  your devices or others facing  the  problem

 So, what should you do?

You  want  to  make sure to  figure  out   the device-related  or the  network-related  that might be causing  your  laptop  wifi  to  malfunction

Why Does My Laptop Wi-Fi  Only work After I Troubleshoot It 
Why Does My Laptop Wi-Fi  Only work After I Troubleshoot It

 Troubleshoot the router itself

So,  you want to try and access the router and check its configuration, check if it is properly configured, or it may be router Logs sometimes, try to resolve this problem, however, if there are issues.

try to check your laptop if that resolves the problem.

Resolve network issues

If it doesn’t make it work,  then sometime it might probably be your network that is creating trouble with you.

In this case, you want to look for your router log, then you want to make sure to check if your router is compromised or not,   better still you can ask for help from a technician who has more experience of what causes it near you.

Does that resolve the problem?

Resolve other devices   issue

if not,   then the problem not only be your laptop but might be also with your other device,  so, what you want to do is to try changing the ethernet network cable that you use,   so with that, you can figure out where the problems are?

And then check back again to see if that solves the issue,  if not then let’s try to change your extension plug then.

 Resolve  electric  issue

To do that switch to another wall power source socket and plug in to see whether it’s an electrical problem.

Does that work?

Replace your modem  or  router

if doesn’t work that means the modem or router itself is not to replace whenever you want to get a  new one,  ask for configuration steps as well as how to make sure your modem and route are compatible with your  IPS address.


 So, folks  there you get it,  easy  tips in case your laptop wireless connection not working or in other words “the  Wi-Fi is dead”

 Try one of these tracks here to troubleshoot a laptop’s Wi-Fi that won’t connect every time you log into your Windows PC, your Wi-Fi connection stops working when you use it.

 One of the most frustrating things that can happen in a computer user’s day is when their Wi-Fi connection never shows up. I’ve been there, and I don’t want you to go through it, too.

 If your wireless connection is spotty and slow, or if it just won’t connect at all, it’s time to use take one of these tips here to troubleshoot your laptop wifi.

Hope this post helps you and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Please use the social buttons to share this post with others thanks.

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