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 Is your laptop’s wifi receiver capacity slowly deteriorating over time? If your laptop is more than 2 years old, the answer is “yes”. And if it’s less than 2 years old, but not new, the answer is also “yes” — especially if you’ve been using it broadcasts on multiple frequencies.

 According to research and interviews with professors, engineers, and experts in the industry. Here’s what they had to say:  “WiFi signals will degrade over time but at slower rates than most people think.”

But when will it begin to Decrease?

 Nevertheless, when will your laptop starts having wifi reception problems, it might happen earlier than you think. So before it happens, it is advised to give it a boost with a new laptop or buy a  USB  wifi adapter.

Buy a stylish new laptop to get the latest tech in wifi reception and much more today.

What Can Cause My laptop wifi Receiver Slowly Deteriorating Over Time

  • There is always the possibility for your laptop to change in performance over time.
  • Some internal problems in the hardware might be an issue.
  •  A substantial increase in the number of wifi users in your neighborhood may be the issue, which can create a lot of noise for your laptop reviewer and hence decrease the performance.
  •  Another thing that can cause this issue is the fact that there has been an upgrade to the standard of the latter since you bought it.

What can you do to avoid your laptop wifi Degradation Problem

 So what you can do to avoid degradation in wifi reception capability over time is that you should remember to change your laptop’s battery every now and then.

You can purchase a power supply for your laptop so you don’t need to worry about battery life. Smart customers would purchase a power supply for their laptops to ensure that they always have full wifi capability.

Does Laptop's Wifi Receiver Capability Deteriorating Over Time
Does Laptop’s Wifi Receiver Capability Deteriorating Over Time

Does Wifi Consume More power on a laptop?

Yes, it does and according to Jamie Harper (Global-level expert on wireless: RF, 2G/3G/4G, NFC, Bluetooth and more).

 He says a typical wireless WAN dongle using 2G, 3G, 4G) will have 5x to 10x the output power of a WLAN (wifi) dongle, and typically much lower data rates.

Definitely use wifi if at all possible for power-efficient connectivity.

How do you resolve the laptop Wifi Problem?

First, check, if you are the only one in your household who is having this problem,  then it’s probably your laptop.

So, if others are having the same problem, then you might need to replace your wireless modem or router.

Sometimes though a  RESET   is all it needs to solve the problem,     or else,  you will make a replacement, or get a  new one.


Get a USB  adapter to boost charge the performance of your laptop’s wifi receiver, it’s cheap and works great, or you can even borrow one to test first and see if it works better than the built-in adapter.

Why Does My Laptop Say “no networks found” although sometimes it works fine?

The reason why your laptop is saying (  no network found)   when is working  Ok,   is probably the fact that your laptop setting is set to (  turn off wifi when idle). 

 So,  What can you do?

  •  So,  to resolve this problem,  you want to go to the wifi icon on your laptop.
  •  Better still,  you can  just go to   Setting 
  •  And open  up   Wireless  network Connection
  •  Click on the Properties button on the lower side of the box and open configure. 
  •   Go to the tab power management.
  •  So,  what you want to do next is that if the checkbox (allows the computer to turn off),   is checked then you want to make sure that you uncheck that.
    And then check it back again that should solve the problem for you.

If I buy a dual-band USB wifi, could I connect to band 5GHz My laptop wifi adapter only supports a band 2.4GHz?

Yes, you  definitely can  if   its  a  USB  adapter you mean  and according  to  David Fred (38 years in telecom, technician, instructor, senior manager)

He says as long as it supports 802.11n  or beyond, the  USB   adapter will become the default wifi connection on your machine and that is why they were built.

Final thought:

 Do you have a wireless laptop and need to know if the wireless reception capability of your laptop will degrade over time

 So,  as you can see here the answer is yes, it’s possible for the wireless reception capability of your laptop to gradually degrade over time which is why it’s important to take care of its battery life.

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