Are you having an internet connection problem or your computer needs LAN wire? Here are easy tips to solve this issue.

Follow this easy guide here to troubleshoot your system first before taking to the nearest technician.

 1st Method: Troubleshoot your internet connection

The first thing you want to do is to check if there are any red or yellow marks showing in the Wi-Fi symbol area on the launch pad.

Right-click the Wi-Fi symbol and click troubleshoot if in case any error message shows up at all.

 2nd Method: Reinstall and update the internet driver on your device

So, to do this, you want to go to the Device manager, go to manage by right-clicking on This PC or My Computer, then manage, select Network driver and check any exclamation mark showing error.

Reinstall the driver

Reinstall the network driver by going to your laptop brand website and download the right compatible driver with your device models and then check.

Does that solve the problem? If not, let try this one here. Let’s repressing our operating system to previous installed or better still format the operating system which might be corrupt.

And then check back again if that resolves the internet connection problem.

If it doesn’t, then let try to check the BIOS and the hardware of the machine.

 3rd method: Check BIOS and Hardware

The BIOS check and hardware are pretty easy, respectively. So, you want to turn on your laptop, better still, restart your laptop and keep tapping the BIOS setting (f9) Key in most device, as to show up on the screen, press it quickly and immediately to turn go to BIO on your device before windows load up though.

So, now that you are in the BIO settings, go to the Network tab and check your device Wi-Fi hard adapter is showing or not like , for instance, if it’s showing Realtec or ralink showing Wi-Fi card.

if is it is not showing, then hardware is probably the problem.


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