I imported all my pictures on my Android phone to Mac in one click with these steps here.

Have you ever had a hard time transferring your pictures from an Android to a Mac? It can take hours if you don’t know which app to use.

Do you want to know how to import all your pictures, music and text messages on your Android phone? in this topic we walk you through the step by step try this and save hours of importing pictures to your Mac.

   Follow these easy steps to get it done in no time.

#1st Method: Transfer your photos from android to Mac using the Android File Transfer

One of the best and simple way to transfer your photos from your android phone to mac is using the android file transfer option.

However, you will need an original USB cable for this. If not, it won’t work. In this method,method, you are using a third party app known as (Android File Transfer) and a USB cable.

> To get started, you want to download to download and install the android file transfer on your mac and connect your android phone to the Mac using a USB cable.

> Enable file transfer by tapping on the (Charging) notification on your phone. Then launch android file transfer.

> Access photos on your phone by double clicking the DCM or picture folder.

Copy all the files you want to transfer, then paste them into any folder on your mac.

 How To Import All Pictures On Android Phone to Mac in One Click (Explained)
How To Import All Pictures On Android Phone to Mac in One Click (Explained)

#2nd Method: Use your Bluetooth to transfer all > the photos from your android to mac.

> To do that, you want to turn on the bluetooth on both the android phone and Mac

> Click on the apple logo on your mac, that should open the system preference >bluetooth.

> Click on the Turn Bluetooth On option.

> So, once you do that on your Mac, grab your android phone and go to setting >  connections and turn on the bluetooth on your mac.

> You should see your android device on the list of device On the bluetooth setting page on your mac, if not make a quick scan to add it there.

> Then click connect next to the name of the device.

> Once you click the Connect, then you should recieve a notification immediately. Just tap on (Pair) on your android and wait for both devices to pair with each other.

->  What you want to do next is that you want to go System Preference  >  Sharing on your Mac and make sure that the box next to bluetooth Sharing is checked. You also want to specify a folder in which you want to save the received photos.

> Now, open up the Gallery app of your android phone and select the photo you want to transfer to your mac.

> Then, tap on the Share icon and select bluetooth from the options.

> By now you should see your Mac receiving the photo files transferred from your phone.

#3rd method: transfer your photo from android to your mac using (AirDroid)

AirDroid  is another great tool you need to transfer Foto from your android phone to mac.

> Follow this easy guide to transfer your photos.

> Install the AirDroid   app on your android device and login to your account.

> Then tap on AirDroid Web and then tap Scan QR code on screen from your android device.

> Open Airdroid wed client on your mac browser and scan the QR code on the website with your phone.

> On Tap on (Sig in) on your android phone

> The connection should established, then you should be able to navigate your android phone content in a browser from Mac.

If so, then click on the photo icons and select the photos you want to transfer and click on download to save them on your mac device. there you get it folks.

Final thought

In this article, we have shown you how to import all iPhone pictures to a Mac with different methods. If you have many pictures on your Android phone and you want them on your Mac, try these methods here so won’t have to trying to figure it out.

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