A white screen can happen for a number of different reasons, from loose cables to improper settings. Find out how to fix your laptop display so it’s as good as new.

 If your laptop screen turn white and blank or you have no clue on how to fix a white screen on a laptop If you are experiencing these on your laptop, follow these steps.

This article teaches you the possible causes, and how to fix a white screen on the laptop with these easy steps.

Charger problem: But How Do You Know

In other to determine if it’s a charger issue, the first thing to do when you are experiencing this problem on your laptop is to check if the machine itself function normally with a full battery and no charger.

If so, then the problem is probably either coming from the charger or the internal PSU of the laptop.


It is adviced look for extra charger or to try pear power supplies with one of your friend that has the same model of laptop compatible with yours.

However, if you check and the laptop find another charger, then you should go and  replace your laptop charged compatible with the formal one, to resolve the white screen problem.

 what if that isn’t the issue

If that doesn’t the issue, then it may be the fact that you are having an internal problem in your laptop , the internal PSU needs to be repaired then.

 Check and see if it’s also visible in BIO

Check and see, are the white also visible in BIOs? if so, then your LCD screen is broken   and since fixing it is almost impossible, you may  want to get your laptop to the nearest technician. for that is the best solution to fix this problem, find a compatible replacement LCD. The technician knows better which one is right for your laptop better.

 But Not until you try this one right here.

To fix your laptop white screen, you can try this first and see if that solves the problem.

Press the Ctrl  + Alt+Delete button at the same time. This tip can help you fix the white screen problem, you just want to use the keyboard shortcut.

Press Ctrl  + Alt+Delete button once the white screen appears. Keyboard shortcut should fix the problem if not take your laptop to the nearest technician.

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Final thought

 It’s frustrating when a laptop’s screen goes white. This article has shown you some quick fixes for common reasons your laptop display might go dark.

So now you’ve found out how to fix your laptop screen, so get back to work!



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